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Amazon Alexa manages their device updates with the Alexa application, and you can point messages to your phone, Amazon Echo and Echo owner, and anyone else with the Alexa app. Alexa apps, conversations and contacts wherever you go. So, use the app to make a quick call or send a message echoing his family. For friends and family, an echo image video calls You can, if you are able to tell with a new feature you want your close friends and family to do drop-off special cases, for example, you can say it's time for the child's family to kindergarten. Check out the Eat Watch page or related the clause. Calling and Messaging Available to Customers with Android 5.0 or later phones.

And wanted

  • Find and recommend Alexa skills in the situation
  • Pick up outstanding listings, shopping, or recently played music and books where you instantly feed

Manage your device

  • During the trip, locks and checks on your Alexa enabled devices, controls, or home or compatible smart lighting and thermostat conditions.
  • Regular automation of your intelligent home appliances

Music and books

  • Connect with music services like Amazon Music. Select a song or playlist and listen to your Alexa enabled devices
  • Speaker groups are preparing for multi-room music playing your consistent echo instruments

Planning the day

  • View and edit shopping and more listings, weather and news updates, timer and alarm management and more

Stay connected

  • Let your application immediately connect all compatible resonance devices such as two-way internal telephone system
  • Calls or Messages Support Alexa enabled devices at no additional cost

Always ready, attached and quickly

For Alexa device owners, install your Alexa unit in addition to the free Amazon Alexa program, remote control, and advanced features. Alexa is designed to make your favorite music playing lists, and more always, weather and news, answering questions. She constantly learns and over time complements Alexa Brain Cloud. The more you use Alexa, the more it has to your speech patterns, adopt vocabulary and personal preferences.

This kind of work

Alexa devices automatically interact with your applications as Amazon Alexa Visual Monitor gives more information. Amazon Alexa Programs More You can easily make your alarm comfortable, music management, shopping lists and more - wherever you are.

Fast wireless and easy setup

Connect your Wi-Fi to the free Amazon app with Alexa Network with its easy-to-play feature. Now you can stream all your music, listen to radio stations, and access to all voice news and information - or with the Amazon Alexa app intuitive interface. 

ما هو الجديد

Various bug fixes and performance improvements.