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Poweramp Music Player Audio Player, MP3 Player, is one of the best music player on Android. This is a closed-line audio player without advertisement. Each of these beautiful user interface content design guides is detailed.

Poweramp Music Player Audio player, almost every possible comfort for all their music needs, including player, mp3, song performance, continuous playback crossfade, game speed setting, tag editing, scroll scrolling last.FM, android voice command for chrome, equalizer, music visualizer, audio balance, replay gain, sleep timer, etc.

Poweramp Music Player is the ultimate music player on Android with an audio player, millions download player.

Poweramp Music Player Main Features:

  • Poweramp animation with beautiful user interface and content design.
  • Poweramp and play music by the album, artist, folder and genre.
  • Smart playlists, playing recently played and newly added tracks.
  • Poweramp automatically syncs to the album/artist images.
  • Throughout the album, artist and song Poweramp Music.
  • Poweramp application variable home screen widgets.
  • It's constantly playing support.
  • Play speed adjustment.
  • Crossfade support.
  • Replay procurement volume normalization.
  • Date Metadata Tag Editor (mp3 and more).
  • Display Poweramp Song (embedded and LRC file).
  • Poweramp built-in music visualizer rendering.
  • Support for Chrome (Google Cast).
  • Support Google Voice for
  • Supports Android cars.
  • Disabled playback auto car Bluetooth.
  • Sound balance adjustment.
  • Lastkfm scrobbling.
  • Various colorful topics.
  • Ad-free.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Plays MP3, MP3 / M4A (Re: ALAC), OG, WMA * FLAC, Wav, Ape, WV, TTA, MPC, AIFF
  • 10 band optimized graphical equalization for all supported formats presets, presets
  • Various powerful bass and triple arrangement
  • Stereo expansion, mono mix, balance
  • Crossfade
  • It constantly
  • To play
  • Play folder and music library
  • Dynamic queue
  • Plugin support texts to search by Musixmatch including songs
  • Embed and standalone .cue files support
  • Support for M3U, m3u8, pls WPL playlists

You can get compensated standalone, tremor, and stereo with bass control X and LR balance control. You save with a set of equalizer presets and the ability to load your own. Poweramp supports FLAC audio format. It offers audio playback in a lossless format. Therefore, the DJ system can easily be integrated to make the party even more fun.

Users can change the audio fade and make the transition settings for the headset. The power amp can make a great music journey on your trip. Select a playlist, though it allowed the song that will be played at the end of your music session. If you want to know more about Poweramp Music Player, you can support MaxP for more info. YouTube Music, Apple Music, TuneIn Radio, TTPod, Shazam, Deezer Poweramp as some music players.

How long is the last sample of Poweramp?

Max MP has installed a very good 15 day trial period for power amp. In 2 weeks you can decide whether you buy an application with a Pro version or a stop. Pay below and download the full versions

How does the Poweramp cost?

Finally, after the trial, you will have to pay to use the app. It can cost $ 3.99 to purchase an option to power amp settings. Otherwise, you can install the full version of the Unlocker Play Store.

What are Poweramp's best equalizer settings?

Set equalization settings in your player can be hard work. If you have headphones or earphones playing, you will use the quality of mind and language speakers because of the quality audio file. The quality of the music can greatly benefit because of the proper equalization setting of subjective factors. In the middle of equalizing bass and clarity of sound is how you should look like to achieve the best balance.

The most balanced equalizer settings for the power amp

Most power amp equalize settings provided by San_X member XDA-developers. You can copy their own similarity settings and set them up very easily on their only search screenshots.


Poweramp is a very custom music player for Android that is worth every penny. You can follow more on the Empower Poweramp site on Twitter and read the latest news. 

ما هو الجديد

  • accessibility improvements for Equ/Tone/Reverb screens and lists
  • new Aspect Ratio option, including new Rectangle mode
  • new Pause/Resume on Volume option
  • comment/composer tag editing
  • improved Musixmatch plugin
  • improved Chromecast volume synchronization
  • bug fixes and stability improvements
  • translations updates