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joox for streaming music app here. Select this free music player app with millions of recent songs for local music song streams or millions of other local and international titles for lovers. Listen to your favorite radio stations. Enjoy karaoke and video stream with friends. Download The joox app is for your Android mobile device or tablet, real music lovers.

Best, always the new music fit selection Our editor's music playlists find the song that specializes in your taste and mood.

Joox Music is a music streaming service, so you can access thousands of songs at full length without listening to downloads. It's similar to Spotify or Deezer, but it pays special attention to Chinese music coming from the application.

If you can not listen to Chinese user's music artists, aimed to hit, then you and the country towards the World Music Show in the first place, to see the content on the main page. The interface in English is also a fact, so you will use no problem. In any case, the app is not hard to use to click on an album of all the songs to see it and to listen to a song that clicks on it.

Free features

  • Music Instant Libraries - Provides instant access to streaming in the music world.
  • Joox Radio - There are also more than 50 radio stations with a large number of songs and hits.
  • Recommended Playlists - Whether it's a playlist with our songs recommended on your mood.
  • Songs for All Your Favorite Hits - Use the word in the garden and learn to sing your favorite songs and albums
  • Personalized music - Customize your playlists with your favorite songs and tracks for every occasion.
  • Real-Time Sharing - Share your moments with friends and your songs.
  • Live Broadcast - joox close to home to all your favorite artists.
  • Music Video - Video music videos, exclusive interviews, and documentation.

In addition to the great free features above, turn joox VIP service, that pure music lover

  • Play hits, on-demand.
  • Music download for offline playback.
  • Music quality audio streaming.
  • No audio ads during the song.

The music used during Joox and their need for inspiration inspired. Listen to a song on a playlist for a party or a long way to work. Joox has music for every taste of the house that you are traveling to.

Listen to your favorite local and international top hip-hop, R&B, pop, dance, EDM songs, and albums. Download your favorite music or stream music to other music genres for an application experience.

User Reviews

User 1: It's a bad app like this, you say offline music is played later through the US and its buffer offline happened to me before I get on the internet and started switching to making some songs to be nothing like listening to it, and then when I listened Buffering it, when done, I did what I did, I tried to internet the songs and the internet dropped because I thought the songs were harmonious. Plays completely without buffer, but it's still called a network error

User 2: A lot of flexibility in their availability. The new album, which is very good, but missing the 2 or 3 albums definitely remember the first ones! The other gripe was that you downloaded an album in the right order, but it did not start a way for me to download the album in some random order ..... album and ready. But other than that super

User 3: Well, it was a decent application. First of all, I offer to get a few songs, and download, as in the past, when you download the songs, you can listen to them while you are offline. But did you know? No, not now. Secondly, I know that this app always had a lot of points, and I was fine with them more often than now it adds up to feel like a longer. Third and I think people can agree with me, it's more music options.