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Ready to take delightful tones of "Dragon Game and Fire Breath Dragon"? Do you grow and train for your desire to compete in the World of Dragon Masters to prove your strength, your collection?

A dragon city and fields of floating islands, building a residence ... and tons of dragon construction to fill it! Well and feed their collection of cute dragonfly baby treats and they develop amazing animals as you expand it into your collection and fight in PvP Theater!

When the game joins a coalition of other Dragon Masters force! Bullet Business Participation and Unlock Special Price Participation in Chat Alliance Events.

Fire, natural, pure, dragon legend, and many other elements all add up to expand your adorable, hybrid baby out of either collection. You can even sustain events in this game!


  • Now the dragon! There are more than 1,000 Awesome Dragons for breeding and collecting your Dragon City make-up!
  • New dragon events and special islands will be included by game bred each week.
  • Special events Decorate your dragon skin with a cool dragon.
  • Dragon Search Experience Adventure and a certain kind of dragon who PvP suits to play against other Dragon Masters Theater Games Warrior Raise chests and climb leaderboards!
  • Call to the Tree of Life Dragons and try your skills in a magical world.
  • Collect orbs and empower your dragon: Watch as you struggle to grow your strength!
  • Unlock advanced game features like the ancient world and guardian dragon.
  • Be Social: Play alliances with other Dragon Masters and fight, join them with Gift Development Open Trade Center, Shares and affiliate chat with the Orbs Business Alliance Chest.
  • If you sign up to save your game and play as Windows on all your devices, you can take your baby dragon everywhere.

How to play

If you are interested in this game, you need to consider the following tips. The key is that you want to fight your dragon race. In this game, you can fight with other online competitors. So if you can prove that you are the master. This game is exciting. Also, you should build your dragon city. The game has 100 dragons and attempts for targets. So you have to find them all.

In this game and the creation of it more interesting, you can ask your friends to play this game. Ask your friends, you will also find some goodies mixed dragons. A high level on the field will be a more interesting game. Therefore, you will not be disappointed to play. Keep playing!

Create a dragon island style

Social Icon is a successful game that many many monster legends and world bosses. In this game, you have to make your main task is to develop an island dragon. It is flying a beautiful island in the sky. Alternatively, you can decorate buildings and islands, cliff islands or destroy trees to expand the island area.

Dragon fire, water, earth, nature, roar, etc. Based on these elements are divided into different elements, you have to build a complete habitat hatching eggplant.

Dragon book

Your Dragon Collection Dragon's Book. Currently, kites now grow to more than 500 types of kites and this number is constantly updated weekly. There is a story about dragons or why we do not need to find an army of dragons, but the feeling when you hatches up to a rare dragon egg and wait for a very excited egg.

There are different levels of development for each python. They can be developed when they reach the required level. Unlock many statistics and unlock specialization skills with improved development with its python. Also, do not forget to equip them with the jewel rune system.

Create Legend Dragon

You can both swap between two dragons to create a new Mother Dragon properties breed. For example, if you cross between a fire-breathing dragon and a water dragon, you will get two skills of a dragon's fire and water. In addition to the common elements, there are legends like dragon city, shadows, light, many rare elements of legends, ... The dragon is now a complete collection and dragon master.


You need to achieve after the game at the level in the PVP zone. You can use your strongest dragon and dragon player or artificial combat game. You have won many valuable prizes such as gold and receiving a few of the dragon eggs.

You can use up to 3 dragons to match. When making a choice based on the opponent's dragon elements. For example, a water dragon is a poor choice if the enemy has multiple fire dragons. In addition, use each of the game fields to strengthen you in remembering that your dragon can be seen.

Stunning graphics

Dragon Island Dragon City is a land of fairies. 3D graphics with lots of straight images and colors. Especially what impressed me was the game Dragon was very nice and quiet. All of these factors bring great experience.


In short, Dragon City APK is a very interesting game that allows you to raise dragons on the island. Players love to play dragons and want their own rare dragons. If you love the beautiful train your dragon, can not miss the game.

What is new

  • The basic forces of Dragon City arrived!
  • The new exclusive VIP Titanium Dragon Collection
  • 100% protection against the first attack!
  • Food production
  • Check out the new rank to promote rankings up speed!
  • In addition, there is a faster loading speed for starting the tutorial.
  • Have fun! 

ما هو الجديد

Empowering your dragons has just got even better!
  • Discover increased stat boosts to make your dragons even stronger when Empowered!
  • Find a new and improved dragon feed-screen with more information on Empower & Rank stats.
  • Need some stronger attacks? Access the Training Center directly from your dragon feed-screen!
  • Plus, plenty of technical improvements to keep your City working smoothly.