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Monster Legends - RPG, you know that you can create monsters and then another green monster to deal with powerful and unique monsters through a new kind of racial mix. And they use their struggles! A group of powerful monsters, expanding their skills and Get ready to get involved in stunning battles! Monster Legends - RPG game can be tough, they will be followed by dozens of other days. Use special missions included! Deal with more than 180 special monster capable monsters, two ventures with friends and more because of the availability of fifty-seven connected treasures to deal with various game modes such as ability, including their abilities. Mr. Network is about to unlock the top of the scoreboard, including beautiful efforts to reach social networks and sports facilities!

Your Monster game leads to the Arena Wars of Legends in War. Real-time combat against other monsters masters: Feed the breed and train the legendary and epic monsters, then build up their fights, strength and face the ultimate challenge!

Choose a different set of monsters, skills, and increase your strategy gathering in action-packed combat. Start to create a world of monster's life, to replenish life with fillings and new ways!

You have to fight for true Monster Master Team Wars and Team Battlefields where you can learn how other players will join the game and win great prizes.

Coordination and game breeding - waiting for unique monsters

  • Collect more than 600 monsters, new monsters will be added to the game every week.
  • Cool to breed different things and rare monsters to create new species.
  • Get all sorts of incredible monsters at certain sports events.

RPG progress and strategy

  • More fights and levels Monster Lab your monsters manage them to break their limits.
  • Encourage Runes with your Demon Forces and gain an advantage in battle, they equip you with valuable relics.
  • Ask their monster teams to collect bombers, tanks and control demons.

Multiplayer real-time games!

  • You do not need to make the monster your dream team here and battle against other Monster Master Live duels.
  • Fight PvP combat in multiplayer mode each semester for trophies, awards and top league opportunities.
  • Join a team, team chat, team fighting and team build strategies on the battlefield to fight, and get the team to save special monsters.
  • Challenge your friends and colleagues in a friendly live-action, real-time combat mode.

Creating a Monster Paradise!

  • Everything you need to build a monster paradise with bergs, housing, temples, and play!
  • Special buildings unlocked on islands such as libraries, ultra-conservation tree guards and the Monster Lab Temple.

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Bug fixes and performance improvements.