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PES 2019 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER is a football game and video game developed by the giant's franchise Konami. The news that all of the triple peace Konami franchises are on Pro Evolution Soccer, game developers but many in development. Pro Evolution Soccer is another entry in a series of games. What does Konami take to keep the business model relevant despite its transformation?

Old and new features

  • A series of Pro Evolution Soccer players are always available when a more realistic simulation experience is available when it comes to video game football friendly. Unlike games such as a football manager, you really control the characters in this area and thus, above, get to direct as much and for their activities.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 takes this assurance and makes it even better. Back in Pro Evolution Soccer game is always seen in terms of graphics and control by adding improved mechanics, a wide variety and these aspects and through PES Animation are good during the 2019 Polish Passport. Unlike the old iterations, PES 2019 makes the player feel more real and alive in terms of the freedom movement.
  • PES 2019 does not seem to be where the player grows for a maximum of 11 new skill features, including character, which they pass magical moments, loop, rising income and thanks to the phone high.
  • Probably the most exciting addition to Pro Evolution Soccer David Beckham PES 2019 is the inclusion of myClub until 2019 players get their team, David Beckham, although their participation is limited by the game version. Players can also find Philip Coutinho, premium agents, and more PES 2019 myClub.

PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer latest / updated:

  • Renew the license
  • Team, players and managers information will be updated as the 2017-18 season begins.
  • Some players will change pictures.
  • Additional new features
  • Online friends can register and play against them.
  • Game Great improvement
  • With the help of a traditional control play tutorial.
  • Strategic aggressive and list manager among defensive throughout the game.
  • Adjust the setting balance.
  • In Update Performance Matches (HUD).

Important connection problem

The PES franchise was built on narrative playing. It's not like playing with a standard RPG linear story. Instead, it offers endless thanks to multiplayer gameplay and online gaming. Unfortunately, the campaign at PES Offline 2019 is definitely better than its online counterpart. Offline campaigns have been replaced with dynamic fluid movements and attempts to play animation and connectivity issues online. Most players play troubleshooting servers and other online content to separate myClub mode. There are players like offline campaigns, that can't be a deal-breaker. However, because it raises online competition to reduce competition, offline PES has found 2,019 reasons for the game's steep price not justify the restricted game.

A nice addition to the series

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is the proper follow-up to all there is to be able to play the old PES. It is extremely realistic graphics with sound control and fluid motion. There is nothing in the headset when it comes to your online campaign and the list of stars including the FIFA game. However, it is still an amazingly polished game. 

ما هو الجديد

  • A number of issues were fixed.