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3.97.0 für Android
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Apr 15, 2019


Look for 4Shared If you can find the search, you can make an app, share and backup media for the 4Shared service - and with more than 30 million touch files available to you everything you are looking for!

File sharing, file type or size, friends, family, colleagues, and others all matter with a little tap on the screen itself.

New is a collaborative brand and the app has the ability to upload new built-in cameras, music and more, and the new folder shares new photos and videos from a picture streaming with common features.

Almost everything in the 4Shared app provides you with a file-sharing app - so make sure you can save the data automatically upload settings (see below).

4shared APK functions

  • It offers fast and easy access.
  • Manage the option of their accounts.
  • You can share your files on a 4shared account.
  • Broadcast sticky purpose.
  • Wi-Fi mode multicast.


Discover Share and Receive Media The 4Shared app allows you to search over 30 million files for what you are looking for! Find links and files with shared media in later stores for friends you download at your home connection.

Save and share everything automatically Sync and sync them to your 4shared account You can also store all your files in your last fall. You can also choose to upload your photos and videos over Wi-Fi only, use the option to use minimal data.

All Managed Access Apps to your files allow you to remotely delete applications and even replace files! Name,


You can automatically submerge the limited information you want to make sure both photos are off Wi-Fi and data plan plans and the option to upload videos. Any files past the service will also be uploaded "current photos and videos "if you identify as disabled.