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Jan 25, 2018

AfterFocus you can do a dim image DSLR background by selecting the focus area. In addition, most give different filter effects for creating a natural and realistic photo. Another area to focus on is choosing precision, you can get a more natural and professional image. Just mark the areas you want to focus automatically for an object with the right complex shapes after a valid area.

This auto function allows you to work faster on smartphones with smaller screens.

Also, the background focuses blur after a photo-realistic setting and focus edge.

Changes, allow you to choose from nice features in the application and closely monitor specific areas of image and details. You can draw pictures using free background blur effects and adding brushes. Opening the app, filters, and designs found on a DSLR camera add a lot of features that can come along with a wide selection of different opacity effects.

In addition, the app comes with a color mask tool for changing multiple stickers and pictures that you can choose from. Filters and pictures are snapped before the effect can be used in camera mode. Edited images can be easily shared with friends on social networks

With our realistic filter effects, you will enjoy even more photography and photo editing, and share them easily with SNS.

Additional Features

  • The first high-resolution image 2048 points
  • Focus area 2Border background by feathering smooth transition
  • More filters
  • Double photo

Highlights of AfterFocus

1. Smart focus area selection

Focus area and drag a few lines of image background after focus automatically detects focus area. In addition, you can also choose the area with traditional finger painting. If the areas you want are highlighted, then focus automatically checks to give you a natural and professional image focus area.

2. Photo filter effect

A large collection of filters, professional effects, such as bright effects cross the focus users of Android with bright spot basic photo effects because of the use of light effects wallpaper Bokeh.

3. Double Images (Pro Version)

Then focus the pictures that they want to copy. To do this, move slowly to the right, taking another picture, take a picture and a single object. Application analysis will automatically identify the object of the image and the user does not require a general picture of the selected focus area.

Note: Make sure the background and subject spacing is too far and the best results are to achieve a clear pattern.

4. Easily insert photos

Users can quickly and easily share photos via social networks, email or plant SNS.

5. Effect of background blur

With this function, you can easily create the most realistic blurring effect with different hole styles, such as a DSLR camera. In addition, the effect of motion blur is also known for some things take power.

6. Three main focus positions

  • Focus three main autofocus modes (smart focus, manual focus, and double drawing).
  • SmartFocus In this mode it is important to practice painting around the edges as the only object is to take a picture.
  • If you choose double photo mode, it will adjust automatically to the center you can compare two screenshots.
  • Manual focus sets it between three possible modes. In this method, you have to paint the image itself you want to focus.

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Was gibt's Neues

  • Fix crash
  • Add brush size feature in manual mode
  • Add tip screen for focus area selection
  • New focus area selection UI
  • Lens Blur / Motion Blur / Zoom Blur
  • Natural and manual background fading
  • Can apply separate effects to foreground and background
  • More filters