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Jan 11, 2018

Angry Birds Action! An impressive arcade game in which the Rovio Entertainment Limited banner is being developed by the game based on their predecessor and what is known as Angry Birds. You need to drag and bounce the game to the target. .. to take action.

You can save and withdraw eggs through the collected resources and send your friends a group of obstacles and obstacles. There are some wonderful tools by which you can intercept red pieces. Then you can use the speed by Terrance Chuck challenges, explosions, and end bombs, and you all want to destroy something. It could also be a benefit bird code is found elsewhere in the game. There are also small games and some new content that you will surely have many to worry about. You can also save one level of play day at a time. This game allows you to play with your friends and honor.

If there's one thing we know about the Dollar franchise millionaire for making them stop any more games. And they are getting weird and weird repairs and original jewelry that has gained fame for morphing something that no one knows. Don't believe me Make Mario.

Angry Birds Money Train Track is under its way and is the new territory. Angry Birds Action! The franchise has a new take on pinball functions such as the interface and gameplay. Only Rovio Angry Birds was determined to take steps to let people film Angry Birds! Maximize fanfare at the same time.


  • Angry birds are still based system. There are birds around the base of the turn, but now they have to break such a cross instead of the ground and walk through what looks like a 3D display, air hockey and pinball toys are broken.
  • They get to score as many points as possible in each level with a certain number of cannon shots. The other obstacles that level each level the higher your star and higher your star rating, the more keys that can be collected to unlock rewards.
  • Play together on ice blocks, explosive crates, fruit trees and a number of other obstacles on the light mount screen.
  • Sports films may have been released, but the similarities are few. The storylines have no similarities, but you'll play as one of the four main characters in the movie. The game is also a story. Just scored goals.
  • The first few levels are pretty easy and 35 years old, then the level they go blind you side with a sharp increase in difficulty. The game is unlocked with new characters and they have their own special abilities such as elimination and explosion.

Angry Birds Action Properties

Exciting features of the game Angry Birds Action APK experience free download later.

  • Top arcade games
  • The movie is a world-acclaimed game based on Angry Birds.
  • Collect valuable items and store eggs
  • Obvious obstacles
  • Chuck, Terrence bombs and destruction
  • Bird Code Available
  • Understand the level at full capacity.
  • You can play with your friends.


  • He appeals to the simplicity of his drug addiction game. New take control of the old platform makes for a pleasant 3-D game control.


  • They lost points for simplicity because they decided to mix in a marketing conspiracy called Code Bird. These augmented reality codes are distributed throughout posters, billboards, and Angry Birds merchandise in the country. Scan things to find this code of action on the steps Angry Birds mini-game! Application.

Bridges, Aim, Action! Bouncing off the wall like breaking through obstacles and peening on a shot send Angry Birds movie birds - some saving all eggs in the name.

Find the Angry Birds movie world for the first time ever in action!

- Shut up and get angry!

And back to the red barrier and jump to the eggs that collect and collect the wealth or flock of your friends.

- Play the movie because of the mighty triple Angry Birds! (Terence)

Chuck the obstacles with red, blast speed, chuck through obstacles, or bomb a collection of challenges. And then there is Terrence. He just destroyed everything.

- Bird Code. Bird Code Everywhere!

You can use Scanning Angry Birds action mini-games, power-ups for gameplay and more round badge loading new content! Bird codes can be found anywhere - at your local theaters and Angry Birds toys in many other places. Keep your eyes open for bird codes everywhere!

- Movie magic in the air.

Angry Birds movie Angry Birds action to unlock specific content. How does it work? Just roll forward the credits and end Angry Birds to start the action movie, and you can find the game as a specific movie clip and unlock new area! 

- Standard tags stored at one time.

Take 90 layers to protect their indefinable salvaged egg perch from valuables and intake.

The game includes:

- Direct links to social networking sites that have been designed for people for more than 13 years.

- Direct connections to the Internet, with the ability to take every player to see the web page.

- Promotional on products from Rovio products and selected partners.

- Option for in-app purchases. The bill payer should always negotiate in advance.

- Internet connectivity and data transfer cost usage should apply. After the initial download, additional content will download and the information fee is included.


Rovio is no secret Angry Birds action that they want! People want to watch a movie. Also, a setting that makes it so that you just watch the game is often downloaded to your phone when you go sneaking in at the end of the movie to watch theaters and video. It also says things in the game Piggy Island.

Those tires are a terrible number of people just have to go through to play the game. Some people say they want to pay for exciting extra features, but carrots and sticks aren't the game.

Sports should be games and movie films. To play a level consumption on the game, but in addition to the credit-based limit to end the cinema movie rotation.

I hope you enjoyed this leadership to rate and share. If you are using Angry Birds action problems! On the PC or other questions, please leave a comment below. 

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