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Mrz 09, 2020

And without all the original or complex and tedious interface - The Adv Screen Recorder is an application that does not record all that is running on your device screen. The button has just been registered for a separate start and stop.

Also the recording equipment options available draw and write more clips. During the process of color and recording, select only the dot or the least finger-pointing scribble on the screen.

Recorder restrictions were required to complete without any kind of ADV screen and root display.

ADV Screen Recorder You can:

  • (Standard and Extended) Recording with 2 engines
  • Stop Recording (Advanced Engine Required)
  • Draw on the fly with your favorite colors
  • The camera is in front of or behind the recording
  • Your text set with the perfect arrangement
  • Place your banner with the perfect arrangement
  • Trim the video

And more! By Rainey 

You can tell us any suggestions!

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User 1: Hello Herrmann G! This app screen I use it recording for recording throughout the screen that I love them. This app is the best update of the apps. A small update/update useful recording I was enjoying the app. There are very good I want, from the app home screen It is the app, start recording and screen. Otherwise, I should have downloaded many things in-app. I love and I have many youtube users u technical player this. Thank seen

User 2: Very good screen recorder app, I went to enter my Freefire gameplay post without delay and said on YouTube that many customers "video quality, so good more than ever, I am a developer and app owner I am very grateful. Because it makes application easy and our lives. Now if I can record your rememberable movement game, this great app, it looks like I'm playing Freefire, Sets, Royalty in a War, Pubg and Game, Eye

User 3: I was looking for a screen recorder that supports 60fps on my phone. Fortunately, I have to. It's easy to record and has very good audio quality. This app is by far the best, should be an absolutely underrated screen recorder. Keep up the good work! 

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Add support for recording internal audio (Android 10 Required)