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Piano Tiles 2™ (Don't Tap 2) Apk

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Feb 10, 2020

Piano Tiles 2 was developed by an impressive arcade game that developed Clean Master Games. It has launched its release huge waves following the famous piano tile game.

Only now required elsewhere and use the rules for the game Black Tiles. The game takes only a good performance ability to tap to achieve a quick finger game. To win the skills of the world, and your friends take turns. In this game you can play with your friends feature logging, this game enables data synchronization. Now you can compete all over the globe with multiple tiles. Background music can just be the universe feeling like one of the best pianists. You can also share your piano playing with your friends. The sound offers a quick thrill of first-class quality worldwide in the fingers of the game and tournament modes.

Game Features:

  • Easy to play simple graphics and not everyone to play the piano!
  • Breathing is the challenge of speed limits in your hands!
  • Top Challenges are Status, Adventure, and Risk!
  • Multiple songs, basic, classic, quality updates, and different genre flavors.
  • Share your recordings with your friends, and ranking compared to huge players around the world!
  • The sound quality makes you feel like a concert.
  • Save share progress on your Facebook accounts and across devices through your progress.
  • More difficult and more bonuses and a better self.

Game rules:

The music is taped on listening to black tiles. Avoid white people! Now fast! Classical fun and pop music, challenge your friends, speed up your line !. Have to compete with friends and speed with your fingers!

Gaming mode:

Tap non-white tiles! Tap the black tiles with passion and don't miss any tiles! Focus on yourself and enhance your response! 

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