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1.6.10 für Android
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Jul 24, 2020

Dan The Man was never developed by the studio and Halfbrick is forced to transfer his experience to this amazing game. The purpose is to protect his country against enemies. Use our combat skills and powerful weapons in different areas filled with enemies. Surviving with unique history epic Arsenal, awe-inspiring combat skills and weapons that most envy the hero Desperate to upgrade, Dan meets Man to celebrate the foes and boss fights enough to make every hardcore gamer arcade.

Perform their duties in an alien universe if your goal is available and presented with the provision of control of progress by destroying all your enemies. Dan people and common pitfalls use unlimited money fraud, premium financial difficulties, namely VIP fraud, because, all the characters clear, you can end the game, because you, because you can grow. Happy Girl, dangerous enemies, powerful bosses end the chapter and more you will maintain beautiful characters. The graphics are 2D and the sound quality is good.

Are you ready?

  • Robo-owners test their abilities against their metal!
  • Weapons and abilities you can put help for SmackDown * * Clap!
  • Customize your character, or charity, super lady Josie or play as Barry Steak Fries! (IAP)
  • Story Mode, Survival and Endless War. Choose your type of challenge!
  • Secret areas, unlock costumes and daily events keep you on your toes!
  • GamePad in Palm, with support for retro-style controls!

The game permissions are as follows:

Check your network, Wi-Fi and Internet access:

  • The scheduling was kept in their game, so storage options are given online / cloud access, and maybe advertising.

Sleep device goes to sleep:

  • This device pauses while the game is running in a sleep state.

Let's Buy IAP Items:

  • It allows you to shop for our game in the store.

Get push notifications:

  • Gives us power messages and notifications for events, features, etc. to send

External Storage Type:

  • Go to the man in the file system to run Dan properly.


  • Dan man needs to use the vibrator around to operate properly.


  • Used for installing metering distance and Dan Man applications.

Story so far:

  • Risk is a village. The evil organization is from the shadows. Her friend Josie, fighting for survival. Can Dan Man Save Property? Time will tell!

Hand Mission:

A full web series of levels full of punches, kicks, and 12 action explosions for the studio JOHO to blast through the fork on their way platformer. But the fight doesn't end here! Battles, daily events, and you will find your adrenaline on the beach and down with the kind of characters (Barry Stick Fries!)! 

Was gibt's Neues

Yet another update with yet more awesomeness coming your way! Here’s the details:
  • Beach Background: A sand and surf arena for Survival mode!
  • Ice Cream Costume: Your custom character will taste so good!
  • Game tweaking: ‘Story Mode’ levels got a bit of a polish!
  • More fixes: Still swatting them bugs!