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Jul 29, 2020

Fruit Ninja is a dangerous addictive skill game in which it is easy to strongly cut the fruit object. Slide your finger to carry your own sword, it describes your satisfaction.

Welcome to Fruit Ninja. Their goal is to master a cut of fruit slices! What better way to hit a fruit cut mobile game than playing a Fruit Ninja?

Unsheathe can make your blade and return to the city with three classic game modes and learn billions of players to learn the juicy massacre. Fans of the experience, focusing on dodging bombs and special double scores set up the thrill of setting up a new high score in favorite arcade mode using cool or enormous combo giant bananas. Need less intense? Stress in Zen mode will not just relax and relax. Finally, you can cut endless classic mode as much as you like - just bomb and repel it to make sure you leave no fruit! Give your game even more special powerup through the juicy resources that give your guests that exciting thrill

Once you have strengthened your skills and reactions, they will be held in the event mode, where your sword and dojo will directly test the pig and fight with characters like truffles for the chance to win the Rinjin Log, used in Zen and Arcade mode. General Chat Chat Lounge Can special prices and fame from washer ninja - spice up the day and make them our daily challenge modes and more energy?

Prove to your friends and family that you are around the top ninja. Show them how much you can cut into a normal screen local multiplayer match, or to climb to the top of the climbs and leaderboards by comparing your results with your friends! Puss in Boots: Not a Big Fruit Ninja fan? Find out your favorite with mini-games and a fun and addictive challenge to be safe!

Waiting? If you are mindlessly looking to play some fun and spend the rest and time, or try to improve your skills as a master ninja, then this is the game for you. Enjoy great features and believe in the hype of Fruit Ninja - Cut! 

How to play:

  1. Only fit three or more identical fruits to score points.
  2. Fruit screen for last line of star pass level.
  3. Eliminate faster make extra fruits extra

Some questions you need to know.

Crash and gameplay during startup problems

Follow the steps below to solve this problem

  1. Connect game app and make sure it is not running in the background
  2. Repeat Phase 1 currently open other programs
  3. Make sure you have plenty of storage space on the device
  4. Cycle your device (turn it off again and on the side)
  5. Launch game application will run without any other application

User Reviews

User 1: I love simplicity. No advertising! (And yet, anyway) and not too complicated to keep track of what's loose. It can be done simply because it's really fun. Please at least give it a try, even if you uninstall to give it at least one try for the game. This game is definitely worth at least one try. What is your record at PS Arcade mode in 1470?

User 2: This game is addictive. And when I say sports, I say addicting. This is a great time killer, in many ways, it is a great application. There is only one problem. When I play games from time to time I only get black for a while, it keeps your game. It is very sad. It looks like everyone is 20 seconds. That's your problem. Otherwise, the game is very good.

User 3: Fruit Ninja is a very unique game. I appreciate all the different levels, extend and physics are excellent. Ads can be suppressed at the moment, it's not as bad as some other games. Sadly, Ripoff games come up I think Fruit Ninja is popular, let's definitely edit. Typo Fixed.

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We've addressed some minor technical issues to improve performance across the board. Thanks for playing and keep the feedback coming!