Temple Run Apk

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Aug 28, 2020

Temple Run is an action-driven move from the Indiana Jones chase scenes. Temple Run Player Avoid angry monkey animals running on an endless (and in vain) game. Redundant game as they die one way or another, on your players. Is and.

If you try to overcome as you will touch the statue, start the game and chase you start wild monkeys. Swipe left or right and tilt left to change right and speed and phone pivot direction. Swipe down to swipe and jump to swipe. By the pack of monkeys, players are killed in various ways by running a cliff on a low-hanging tree branch or bashing the head to die. Temple Run offers in-app purchases for updates and new characters. It will take you a while to collect the coins you need to buy credit-ups and new characters because it is possible to get credit for the elements, but it's time. One of the seven signs, Boys Dangerous, told by Francisco Montoya, and Jack stopped burning the football star to win by burning the temple.


  • Beautiful new graphics
  • Gorgeous new biological environment
  • New obstacles
  • More powerup
  • Other achievements
  • Special forces for each character
  • Big monkey !!!

Temple Run gameplay

The Temple Run game is very simple and easy. Slow with your finger to make the sharp turn without slide to the right or left. Or work fast wall decoration. The choice is yours. Under the less time-consuming constraints, the slide at the bottom of the screen is played without the finger. Jump over the obstacle, slide your finger into the pit and up. Tilt the screen to change the position of your device. Use this technique to closely avoid obstacles and collect coins. Collect coins and James you sprint through the temple. You get all sorts of spending power-ups to store the game.

Boost speed and give yourself a quick burst of speed that allows you to overcome all obstacles without the possibility of death. Get the top mega coin level immediately at a huge payout of all the coins at a time. Win the coin for all the coins that the magnet automatically receives. The use of invulnerability becomes insensitive to all obstacles. Nothing can cause you to burn a fire, and so you will be able to soak them. Coin negotiations on active authority to increase the value of all coins in the temple run for a limited time.


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