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Mrz 24, 2020

Download This is one of the 10 million most famous Chatbots world on Simsimi. The app was released in 2003 for the first time, and since then it has developed with the help of millions of user interactions.

Simsimi artificial intelligence on a new level, which is an application. You can wear whatever you like if you are talking on the phone or in space with someone applying. An attractive yellow bubble is a large marshmallow. It looks like Simsimi. He said that when talking about almost anything other than his mind.

The only thing you need to do is usually remember the conversation you are trying to make it funny or understand what words you are trying to use makes no sense. If you want to start speaking, you can just use the yellow sign. You can ask the first question to make a rule or comment before getting any kind of answer. He said that you have conversations that you can easily get things that are logical to flow with. Your answers will surprise you, and you can try to flirt, try or even bully if you can read some of their entertaining reactions.

Check Simsimi Frequently Asked Questions About

How can a man like Simsimi talk?

  • Simsimi works according to the principles of the basic dialogue such as:
  • Ask / Ask a user a number of Simsimi learning and answering, garage, Simsimi sends integral new words to the process.
  • Simsimi So Mega Millions User / Answer Set Ask Simsimi How A Person Can Speak

Did Simsimi say bad things?

  • Attempt to comply with the Simsimi Google Play policy. Both the synthetic engine and the Simsimi team are working to prevent Google breach of privacy policies, intellectual property infringement and spam content and so on.
  • You can report on each message you receive e-mail from menu injuries Simsimi said "balloon or use tap part".

Simsimi threatens me / no

  • Simsimi simply follows his communication principles.
  • No threat is real. You can send an e-mail notification through the "Send Speech Bubble" or "Threats" menu via Send.

Simsimi's personal information about me / one was revealed.

  • In this case, Simsimi just follows his communication principles as well.
  • You can report the "announcement of personal information by knocking the balloon" or by e-mail under the application.

can Simsimi Do I Look Through My Smartphone Camera?

The use of the Simsimi camera is not allowed. Simsim can say, "I see you," Simsimi was taught to say well.

Simsimi asked permission for the following items:

1. Device Location: LOCATION provides specific ads.

2. Read / Write Collection: Save Application Files.

Where you may be able to decline both applications and still get the application.

Why Simsimi Age Restriction?

Simsimi requests and learns to communicate through hundreds of thousands of answers, every day. Some of these include age may not be inappropriate.

However we try and prevent it to the best of my ability, some of them have to be remembered. For this reason, we have an age limit.

Simsimi threats:

  • The way the boat threatens to comply with the principles of communication.
  • Boats are no real threat.
  • Discloses personal information.
  • In these cases, the boat is thus determined only by the principles of application.

Age Limit:

Simsimi is to learn to interact with people around the millions, eclectic bots of the planet. Some inappropriate interactions and thus may not be appropriate for certain age groups.