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Nov 22, 2019

Xbox One SmartGlass helps you watch TV, movies, play video, send messages, message stream movies. You have remote control, Xbox Live, Xbox 360, TV Guide, Media Center, Xbox users best friend, universal remote gaming. Experience apk.

It can be easy to choose the web, video, album, or play a song or a game to watch on Xbox, TV amount console and growth. Can App? Xbox is an ideal partner for the Xbox one application. Now, users can also control their new Microsoft console from anywhere: at home, in the office, in the kitchen ... wherever you are.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Xbox App Everything You Love About SmartGlass and Xbox Apps! Whatever you can play, whether on Xbox One, Windows 10 PC or mobile with your gaming community, the best way to stay connected on the Xbox app.

The Xbox app brings your friends, games, and adventures to all devices. You can always control the app Xbox One and buy a new sports shop directly to stay with your gaming community. One of the differences is that you are associated with games and players, place, activity, games, Xbox app.

On the go:

  • Share this game and edit with friends via social networks
  • Interaction with like-minded players to join the Xbox Live Club
  • Looking use group (LFG) seems to play a game for a party
  • Stay connected with multi-user chat group messaging
  • See if friends are on Xbox Live
  • Post clip updates and activity feeds
  • Observe and interact with game content
  • Buy game

With an Xbox One:

  • Use to navigate the app on device keypad and touch
  • Use the app as a media controller for its Xbox One (play, pause, etc.)

Chat with friends and Friend Connect


Use a clip and chat as a group or a group for a visual and voice or text and share GIF, screenshots or some games interactive chat experience with a friend.

The Xbox game works seamlessly over time

Just start a conversation with the Press Win app, while playing your favorite game talks with Xbox game time + G

Application instructions

In the middle of Windows applications action center instructions appear, you can always invite the message without party or Miss Freundschaftsanfrag.

Does Xbox One SmartGlass?

Xbox One SmartGlass is a versatile application and has a number of different uses. Its main functions as remote control for the console. The app allows you to control a full-screen trackpad that can be used to swipe through the menu on the Xbox One so that the menu and its apps, media and set-top boxes to navigate.

There are three buttons assigned to the remote control mode on the Xbox One SmartGlass. The best part of the remote control function that you can use to insert text on them is less granular use of the console controller Xbox.

Another interesting thing about SmartGlass that will allow you to improve your game experience with SmartGlass peers is Xbox. You use a program that can use new content around the game as you watch your progress with online games and chat.

There is more and more support for the Xbox One SmartGlass game and the quality of content and functionality has improved.

It's an argument that's almost negligible on your phone or tablet, while undesirable distractions from the game and gaming made the SmartGlass smaller than the companion. Some of this will be extended, but it improves the gameplay to really watch the game, and when using fun especially single-player games with friends I have often seen.

Is it easy to use?

One set of Xbox SmartGlass is simple. You need to make sure that your Xbox and Android devices use the same Wi-Fi network and use the console when you need it to start. If not, then it is possible to program the IP address and see the consolation. Once connected, there is usually a big difference between the devices.

Using a SmartGlass interface optimized the Xbox user comes with enough straightforward and features, such as your "PIN section and the contents of the Xbox interface applications.


Xbox One SmartGlass is a simple and innovative application that enhances the game and the way to improve your console usage. It does not depend on every user, though, and its utility is largely within the game to support the game SmartGlass. 

Was gibt's Neues

In this release, we've updated the following:
  • Setting up your Xbox One through the mobile app is now easier than ever
  • Voice quality and stability in party chat has been improved
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements