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9.0.3 für Android
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Jun 08, 2020

Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde: Every single dream is a classic arcade game Pac-Man, fun free fruit account got high marks and ghosts run away. Or get the power palette autumn and ghosts before they get! Pac-Man Retro Arcade game you know. Do and love, but bigger and better than ever! Tournament competition Winning the top and earning millions of new mazes, achievements, and leaderboards all over the world. Experience includes boast!

A classic arcade action

  • The classic version of the retro arcade looks like it did in the arcade
  • Quarter and old school challenge with no lines
  • Avoid ghosts and eat fruits and dots, just like the arcade

New mazes

  • All shapes are available to add to your collection of mazes and sizes
  • Each maze requires different strategies. Can you master all the mazes?

Fun Tournament

  • Accept the challenge tournament! Competitive game and win the BigThe competition multipliers that increase your score
  • Bonus rounds give you extra life
  • Reaction time and reaction key chomp you the best result

Achievements and Leaderboards

  • A classic old school game, now with achievements
  • Leader, you challenge your friends and be the best player in the world retro

Help and Tips!

  • Check out professional tips to help you become a champion!
  • Then find the classic retro!
  • From old school arcade action to Pac-Man, now update updates, tournament games, and leaderboards to bring you everywhere you go


  • This version has been challenging over 256 levels.
  • It's still just exciting to play.
  • The game is the best design and comfort.


  • For some players, it's even easier to survive.
  • It's very intoxicating.

Tips to play the game

In general, it is very easy to play this game. He has to swallow ghosts, pills, and fruit when you need to take, only Pac-Man has to take control. This is not a complicated movement at all. However, be aware in some areas that you have to move really fast and low pay so spend some time. Power up and use the power-lap skillfully. It's the key strategy to beat at all levels. Always eat fruit assignment multiplier for each stage. 

Was gibt's Neues

  • Expanded gameplay experience for younger players
  • Improved performance
  • Numerous bug fixes