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Aug 12, 2020

Pokémon TCG Online is a fantastic game against players in the online world. It can be downloaded for free and is open to beginners and experienced players. Players don't have to buy from the real money they earn with everything that they need, and there Many mean new cards and other prizes!

If you have access to a new player, do not worry, all players pack the trainer challenge game provided by the instructions and then the game tutorial provides the first game. After receiving Pokemon TCG online input players are virtual "game shop" where the teacher is welcome to start their adventure on them.

There are also five primary playback modes available. This is a trainer challenge, reverse mode, tournament mode, tutorial mode, and fast game. In addition, there are friends and top managers in the fight and game test between friends in the social menu.

Three Pokémon currency in TCG online. Coach tokens, event tickets, and precious stones. There are only coach event tokens currently available worldwide.

Primary levels against bonus wheel, daily challenge, daily login bonus, daily match bonus, sports price, mystery box, special challenges, tournament chest, and eight reward systems. Trainer challenge mode, tournament mode and tutorial mode versus systems are built to play additional games each of the four main types of rewards. All ways to get a look at Pokemon TCG online and bonus awards.

Game Features

  • Easy to start: Play just a few steps to choose the right in the game of grass, fire or burning deck, and learn as you go that experience.
  • Add players to your collection: other players, open booster packs, business and deck build cards with your favorite card. May your collection grow with you!
  • Customize your experience as your own deck building card deck box and menu and connect with your friends online.
  • Computer: San unless you are ready to challenge other players to play against your skills.
  • Challenge the World: If your deck is finished designing, other players can challenge joining a tournament to showcase their skills and knowledge.

Card Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Françaes
  • Ger
  • Spñol (De Espa )a)
  • Italiano
  • Português (Brazil)

How to play

As mentioned above, Pokémon was a global brand and franchisee. You can identify some popular characters from Pokemon. However, the game has several cards with unique characters and abilities. In the first stage, drag basically makes knowing the right card and the right deck. The game is a simple game so it is worth investing a lot of time to learn. This particular map is better for raising topics. For example, you need to win all the elements in one particular element, increase the likelihood, but still need. For one item at the top level, the same thing starts doing for others. Tip is a good way to get to player status. 

Was gibt's Neues

  • The Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Darkness Ablaze expansion will be available in the game for code redemption on August 13 and in the Shop on August 14.
  • Tournament Keys added as a new digital currency type.
  • Adjusted Tournament Rep point awards.
  • Bug fixes
Full patch notes available at forums.pokemontcg.com.