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Aug 04, 2020

Waze Rider has already come up with a great drive programs, so developers and a great idea. A lot of people think of Waze cars riding on the way to work. A lot of people who are using Waze have this new app for both drivers and those who need a ride will benefit.

The basic principle is very simple. User Ride It is required and notified the user is notified. Wait until the designated place car and that's enough.

Ride for free. Nothing to get in-person and half the ride to gas pay, however. In theory, this app should offer an excellent option for travelers.

Why Waze Carpool?

  • Set your travel times and memories for the week to stay on track
  • Filter your games based on sex, workplace and individual groups
  • Cost-share
  • Say hello to express track
  • Reduce traffic and help the planet

How Does Waze Rider Work?

Ask for a ride in advance and we will inform you if you have to take you on your way to give you a Wazer. Once the ride is set, you are ready to be on time for anything!

How much does it cost?

Riders using the gas price to exchange for a ride. Payment disbursement transfer is made automatically.

Who is driving?

Your driver Wazer planned to take the same reduction daily, completing any trip. About a pair of Means little car on the road - great! Audited information to view the number of drives, and recent driver 'thank you' driver details. When scheduled for a visit, you can already select the Messages app. Many drivers and riders still decide to ride with each other.

Info: Waze is for car app riders only. If you are a driver who rides for passengers? Start by writing the original application Waze and the carpooling symbol. Waze cars are currently available in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and Israel. He hangs up and we will inform you because it is available in your area!

User Reviews

User 1: I love the concept of this application. I use it for a few months. But the past two weeks have been disappointing together. I could open it almost every time, it crashed. If it is matched, it is not broken, I know, although I will show it carpool that I have a lot of lift and match every scenario. I'll read your messages, and it will trigger a crash. Me: Tried to uninstall, install cache, and contact the developer. It was a nightmare.

User 2: I have been using it for 2 years and they have added the 3 carpool option to only the 3 people pool option (San Francisco). After this time, there are still a lot of gaps in System W. Sometimes it won't load, and it is difficult to contact my riding in these moments. No need to make a mistake to upgrade. But still a better app available than others in Carpool Bay. I have low prices, but also appreciate the incentives for driver's drivers

User 3: Great app, help riders, and drivers have a lot of it, but it has useful driver settings, such as take on the left, how they work, sometimes my time set and people will ask for a ride closer and I will probably never answer one time. They didn't get to work, or they just didn't want to give you a ride. 

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Upgrade your commute with this helpful update:
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly showed some carpools as unpaid