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Sep 23, 2019

Angry Birds Destruction and Revenge is a fun puzzle-based game to steal bird eggs pigs. You play the game from the perspective of angry birds, and you need to pigeonhole your own eggs. Angry birds are in the future at stake. Greedy pigs revenge their eggs are stolen. With the unique power of each bird, the pigs were destroyed through their defense.

The game was challenging and played together through the physical game for hours. Also, Angry Birds need only solve the skill, logic, and force of each level. You must launch a huge slingshot and drag the screen of the intended birds from the tap with your finger. The structures fall and the monkeys and pigs hide destroy them inside. Just at the beginning of the game, probably less complicated and break. But, as different materials in structures such as ice, wood, and stone develop strong game. What makes the game interesting and challenging.

But don't worry, because the bird has some ability to take down such rigid structures. Each type of bird has moved to another killer. For example, a black blast cannon works like a yellow bird rocket through flies and causes huge damage to the circle. And don't worry if you fail to take the pig down. Players want because you can often try to level again without penalty, they are free to experiment with different strategies.

The game offers physics-based challenging gameplay and replay value hours. To solve each level requires logic skills and strength. If you get stuck in the game, you can buy Mighty Eagle! In-app purchases give unlimited access to the mighty Eagle Angry Birds once.


  • Choose your bird. Choose a strategy set to defeat the pig in the bird slingshot!
  • Multilevel level. Boss pig just pay attention - Play fun challenging levels with many steps!
  • Daily Challenges. Do you have a minute? Make a daily challenge and earn some quick rewards.
  • Level up with feathers and birds on their scoring power. Create the ultimate herd!
  • Connect is going to pig with all the clans, friends and players of the world
  • Affected Mighty Eagle Boot Camp Found Mighty Eagle uses their unique shop of coins.
  • Compete in this area. The bird hurls down to some friendly competition with other players and proves which is the best.
  • Collect silly hats. Levels of birds fashion game collecting various fun themes and caps. Evil Pig. Green villains are back, strong badder and even green.
  • Many levels. Added hundreds of regular updates and levels play on limited-time events.
  • Leader. Proves to be the world's best on global leaderboards.
  • Free to download! --- Angry Birds 2 to play completely free. Angry Birds 2 can be downloaded for free, there are purchases of alternative programs.

There are 150 total levels and 3 stars on each level. A star will open the next level, giving you an extra bonus but all three. The game is very addictive new user. You can refer to more information for Rovio's help if you want to know more about Angry Birds. Pocket Edition Demo Angry Birds Action Angry Birds, Dan Man, Don't Let White Tiles And Jetpack Joyride Tap: Angry Birds game like Fruit Ninja, Temple Run, Minecraft. Set up this app for a review and rate our website if you want to write. Download Trouble Our accelerator is free to provide direct links to all free Angry Birds Edition.