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GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic Apk

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Aug 05, 2020

GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic and 3D Tom Tom offline maps with precise door-to-door voice-guided navigation and updates to the latest GPS navigation app for Android.

Sygic GPS features high-end navigation experience with innovative features for navigation and your safety and comfort. Sounds Live Traffic Police Radar / Speed ​​Camera Alerts Fast route and delay, avoid traffic. Parking proposals with availability and price details. Cheap gas on gas type. Different sights and sidewalks navigation. Head-up display on Car Navigation (HUD) project navigation.

If you are driving your Sygic GPS navigation and maps on their way to work, there is a map for everything.


  • High-quality TomTom * memory card on your device
  • Offer, Street Guided Navigation Name Voice (TTS)
  • Offline navigation without an Internet connection
  • Free map updates per year
  • Live traffic service and find the fastest way to avoid traffic jams
  • Mobile speed camera/radar warning
  • Head-up display (HUD) Project Navigation GPS only on transparent glass
  • Dynamic lane intersection guidance and safe lane modification
  • Parking with information about availability and price suggestions
  • Cheap gas on gas type
  • Safety on steep turns and level crossings
  • Warning speed limit on map
  • Fixed speed camera warning
  • Alternative routes and many waypoints on the route
  • Copy address Input / coordinates GPS and paste
  • Avoid trails around a country or toll track
  • Pedestrian explorers and tourist attractions
  • Millions of interest points (POI)
  • Car Audio Integration - Bluetooth or Cable
  • Dashcam records when you navigate

TomTom and other providers of maps of all countries of the world

  • Europe, Russia
  • North and South America
  • Africa
  • In Asia and the Middle East
  • Australia, New Zealand

Navigate anywhere, even without an Internet connection

  • World Map, TomTom and other providers all countries offline
  • Free map updates per year
  • Guided GPS navigation, and street command name with voice detailed instructions
  • Million Points of Interest (POI)
  • GPS Navigation (POI) for pedestrians with orientation and interest

Reduced traffic

Avoid information with information on the most accurate real-time traffic information with more than 500 million users such data raised world *

Be safe

  • Simple features in unknown practical security driving areas
  • Warning current limit and next speed limit to change speed limit
  • Dynamic lane assistant right lane guides you
  • Head-up display (HUD) Project navigation on your car's transparent glass, driving safe at night
  • Dashcam records the other way and videos automatically prevent accidents
  • Real View Navigation is an augmented reality function for a better and safer driving experience
  • Real-time route sharing allows you to share the approximate arrival time and the current state on a map 

Save your money root.

  • Parking Tips and Price and Availability Park Easy with Live Information 
  • For your fuel type and best price, set fuel price with live information 
  • Avoid the Blitzer with Alarm Acceleration Ticket 
  • Offline roaming maps to save money at 

Was gibt's Neues

New feature alert: Mobile Speed Cameras
Real-time information from the world's largest mobile speed camera database will help you avoid speeding tickets. On top of that, the community of 5 million drivers reports thousands of additional mobile speed cameras every day.
You will get an alert when there is a speed camera on your route so that you can adjust your driving.
The Mobile Speed Cameras license is valid for one year. Fixed speed cameras are available to all Sygic users for free.