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Mai 20, 2020

Nova Launcher is a powerful, customizable and versatile home screen replacement. Nova brings advanced features to improve your home screen, but it still remains a good choice, user-friendly for everyone. Whether you're looking for your home screen or cleaner completely, Want to customize the quick launch home, Nova answer.

Nova Launcher is one of the best launchers for modern Android, which includes the entire contents designed for layout. In addition, it's all very customizable, providing a drive display and a great home screen experience.

Nova Launcher helps your home screen with Android users whom you can turn into total control and they can be easily changed. With the current Nova Launcher, you can change not only the symbols, layout, and animations but much more.


Below are some of the main features of Nova Launcher.

Icon Subject:

Users can find thousands of new icons for the Nova Launcher Play Store theme.

Subgrid Status:

Nova Launcher gives users more control than any other launcher. It allows the user symbol halfway up or through the widget grid cell desktop.

Color control:

Users can now flag backgrounds, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs and controls for color settings.

App drawer optimization:

Vertical or horizontal scroll mode custom tabs add personal effects while optimizing their use.

Endless list:

With this feature, users can never be too far from your favorite sites. Now just loop though the infinite desktop or drawer with Nova Launcher.

Backup & Recovery:

Art Backup state / restore feature, users can backup settings on both your desktop layout and launcher.

Extended widget drawer:

Widgets can be categorized based on applications to make it easier to scroll now.

Scroll document:

Users can create multiple dock scrolls to create them between.


Nova Launcher's work develops its reach quiet and fast. Therefore, the animation keeps it simple and makes you enjoy your phone faster as you can swipe your finger.

Nova Launcher Prime:

Above, you can now unlock the following additional features after a Prime purchase.


Now you can open your favorite home screen by pinching the tape on or twice to steal the home screen.

Unread counts:

You will not miss any message with this function on reading. It also provides unread SMS and Gmail in Hangouts.

Custom drawer:

You can now create a custom new tab or folder in the app drawer.

Hide apps:

Its applications are always hidden in a neat app drawer ever used.

On the other scrolling effect:

Take a clean, accordion and enjoy the scrolling effect because of other throws.

Use Nova Launcher Prime got even better

Nova Launcher Prime Nova Launcher can make full potential:

  • Gesture: Painting, pinch double-tap, and more Home screen performs custom commands.
  • App drawer groups: Custom Tabs or Folders Make an idea In the app drawer is highly organized.
  • Hide the application: Remove the application drawer software without uninstalling it.
  • Assign custom icon swipe gestures: Launch the swipe screen icon or gesture folder for custom functions.
  • ... and much more. Greater scrolling effects, unread and other numbers.

User Reviews

User 1: Strong five years, since I was in early 2014, with Nova Launcher and 4 phones I have used it and it is definitely a pleasure after a long day. I can't recommend it highly enough, especially if you buy the smaller Pro version. It is very customizable and easy to use and easy to master. Combined with this huge amount and application customization features, you can really make your device unique. 5 stars

User 2: I would always recommend this projection to others. I just wanted to say the developers experienced some serious issues with the launcher (Android 9) sadly recently with my Samsung J7 (the phone is frozen and sometimes reboot is right that is required). Five stars, because this only happens with this mobile phone and certain version of Android for me. I just want to know the developers.

User 3: Lately, my OnePlus 7 to 10 Pro has been running Android updates and Nova good overall. But let's start off the applications, let's get back to the home screen before the restart screen over and over. That is not the case at the launcher. A recent update to the output folder was fixed. Personal contact support, they were not much help. My e-mail stopped responding to you because it's an Android error 10 but that's not the case, I said, the bearing launcher and it runs super easy. 

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