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Victory APK - Crown Victory Game Game Of The Studio is a popular and fun strategy game for Warner Bros. releases for free download on Google Play at your request for the latest Android updates. Install Game of Thrones on Victory on your Android tablet or Android. If you can play the role of a great 3D graphics game series, you can choose a player with the famous "Game" experience of the crown. Accept the traders and the Seven Kingdoms to win the land through proper war strategy!

Game of Thrones: Conquest A History of Country Westeros that is a job and bloodshed for the war prepared, the sky, the commander drive, and the victims are under greater stress, the whole country under threat, now you have your own tribe to create a large army together and in this war. Get involved, or get a dangerous tool out of their prey politically; You go with it! Winter is here and the enemy army is not waiting for the enemy eagerly awaiting the start of the war, you should be crowned Iron Throne! If you are a lover and especially exciting series of strategic game games, then this game is without a doubt worth the throne!

The game is based on the game of the famous TV series HBO called "Crown" is a gentleman of the player Westeros. Be sure to have seven states winning their own tactics.


  • Westeros want men and their brave army and can build your own big house with a private Sigil. Create and fight the champion for his crown in the game of Crown: his successful strategy: victory.
  • The RPG hybrid game RTS Kingdom characters interact with another game.
  • Winning game Castle Black, Winterfell and 120+ key seats playing King's Landing locations.
  • Imagine, through live footing you are given a political scene of deadly traps with the help of the amazing loyalty system sieve.
  • Even the Westeros dragon is now common as the dragon from its front. Each state AHS has its own dragon egg. Use your dragon to either protect your castle and destroy their enemy victory GOT.
  • The crown and the ruler of this area have a home in the game. Well, as the families of the collision.
  • Struggling with raising a violent army of home and other teachers.
  • Protect your defense.
  • Each meeting is equipped with economic and military reforms.
  • During his influence the GOT triumphed to win enemies through victory maps and battles.
  • The game against because of the amazing transition fights makes harvesting any other RPG you get advantage of enemies.
  • Choose fraud or loyalty Iron Throne demand.

Kill the Night King

Remember about who comes with the white walkers' army in winter. Night forces then go deep Westeros driven before killing the king and his army. Win White Walkers and Save People in Over 100 Areas.

Game The overall impression of the throne

  • Game of Thrones: Conquest is a great strategy game that provides hours of entertainment. The crown show game is a huge success and the game is very popular among its fans. It delivers exciting PvP combat as well.
  • Game of Thrones: Conquest Check out some tips and cheated victory. You can learn about it and follow the victory on Twitter to get the stage for more recent updates.

Mac rulers rise and fall

Imagine the best RPG and any other RTS elements like this combination to bring you the best evidence available on mobile.

  • Master was a great champion imagination for our innovative system under control, recruiting strategy, great war with its allies and living,
  • How you choose dragon wisely because of their loyalty to fight with enemies because of their loyalty to the claims, choose between Iron Throne cheating and truth, and hit the HBO series.

Only Game of Thrones: Conquest Can You Fight a Hometown of Westeros and the Iron Monarchy? Build your army, gather to fight your best soldiers and the best strategy. Interaction Award-winning HBO fantasy series for winning main characters and coveted locations. Dominate is an innovative loyalty system you can recruit your enemies as people rise to bring the Iron Throne to a fight with their friends, rule seven kingdoms and awaken the dragon. 

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  • Stability enhancements.
  • Combat bug fixes.
  • Bug fixes to our loading process.
  • Fixed some issues with the Quests panel.
  • Bug fixes to the Dragon Talents panel.
  • Bug fixes to research.
  • Bug fixes to troop training.
  • Fixed an issue which occurred when recalling a Rally.
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