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Mrz 10, 2020

Do you like games like" cooking "from Sarah"? Then you will have a cooking fever. In this adventure, with free basic ingredients and subtle treats, you can serve food to customers quick restaurant (burgers, pizza, tacos, ...) to account for. Content is suitable for all audiences - everyone can play from kids to adults.

Cook delicious meals and sweets all over the world in a free drug time management game! In 13 unique places of fast food, oyster bar, and Oriental restaurant sweets, you practice their techniques in a variety of techniques and settings. Use hundreds of ingredients to cook several delicious dishes. Try all our kitchen appliances, coffee machine, and pizza oven and popcorn maker, rice cooker. Decorate your restaurant to attract more customers. Just how to make cookies for their own or make cupcakes for your customer experience is free - just like personal and memorable in real life! Equip your kitchen and produce even more variety of dishes. Oh, and what are we saying is so addictive and entertaining in this game fever? Funny Foods Share your food with your friends on Facebook and don't forget to cook!


  • Use 150 ingredients to cook over 400 dishes
  • 13 unique locations Fast Food, Bakery, Chinese, Pizza, Seafood, Indian, Breakfast Cafe, Sushi Bar, Ice Cream Parlor, Paradise Cocktail Bar, May Dog Vans, Cafe Mexico and Crab House. Other places are on the way!
  • Over 400 levels complete
  • Hundreds of upgrades for your kitchen appliances and interior


  • Have a good time killer.
  • Keeps pace and on their toes.
  • Keep order of eye coordination by hand.
  • Entertainment for kids and adults


  • Many gems will have to be updated.
  • To get a hard gem.
  • Tough comes after the first level.
  • Buy connected gems at the store.

Choose your luck in the kitchen.

Fever cooking is fast food for example "must" "survive", for a good burger: Burger can rev, soda, hot dogs ... for all kinds of gloves food every order must follow the necessary steps how to prepare Schreiber. Ask. You should also cook the meat in the bread, plates, wear it while it is (throw away and burn too long, and you need it!) And place this bread.

Pools and their subtle skills are key to being successful in cooking fever, especially if you get past the tutorial level and overwhelmed by many clients at once. Take too long, and anger ... and leave the customer without pay. Be quick and they are very happy that you will get to the point.

Now the typical cooking game looks like a fever for cooking. What is so special about it? Two elements: progress and installation management.

Level up at around or cooking fever, you can invest your money better in kitchen appliances. Yours will be improved and the meat soon. Buy more at Tupper and you can grocery store its provisions and help. Linear Progress: Whether you want to improve, this type of curse game can be broken.

They are a round-up of money you have to invest to improve the look of your restaurant. Components because it is strategic: its customers are for better quality TV entertainment, and they are no longer manufactured. But as part of this game, you will feel that you are able to directly control the cooking fever and vice versa!

All of patience

Cooking fever is not 100% free Ladies and Gentlemen. The title will help you improve your devices faster or faster, to create alternative microtransactions that contain some progress. You can cook fever is complete without pay, but sometimes you have to repeat your levels to increase your equipment enough money to improve. You will need a lot of patience.

Cooking fever is a great control, which I have attributed to the most stressful moments. Anything that I did not recognize in the title that I, for example, will be sent to the customer when I hate sports more than the time lost.

In an aesthetic level, cooking fever is also good for sweet action and not aging devices that slow down the color of the overload. Each interactive element has been designed, so it's easy to understand what's most important in the middle of a cooking enormous get.

Highly recommended

Cooking fever surprises us as well. We expect another cooking game and we have found a title that recognizes. Unlike other similar games in a similar genre and a kind of revolution, Cooking Fever puts you in control of your strategy and you want to. We have never thought that we talk about kitchen game strategy, but we did not expect it to be recommended to you or reading.

As the gems go?

  • Put your time in advance in real-time. Turn off Wi-set set time after day automatically by changing one day. Many times and you will find a lot of gems.
  • Increase the level of experience (Al), followed by the upper right corner of the game screen. You can earn 7 gems for each new (al). Just sit down on the next EL and play more than one level to earn more gems.
  • You just try to be 'picky' and do not go to any restaurant gem-investing, always improving, banging all of their expenses and getting 3 stars.
  • Remember to open the game every day, and you will get rewarded ten days later.
  • Level up playing their highest-grossing restaurant and earn more than ever.

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