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2.7.1 für Android
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Jan 08, 2020

Line dancing is a special type of rhythm game that plays with one finger typed on the screen. To cross the target plane, line it up to help make the transition the hard way. Because of the music you're getting your line of activities perfectly synchronized with the play. General Chat Chat Lounge

The concept is simple in gameplay and music plays an important role level guru that you expect your efforts. Avoid the nails that reach each round and the obstacles to end each challenge.

Everything has to be a very different environment on football, to the surprise of his sight you cut. Playing with light, the color of each level is associated with the original sound beat to its catchy tune, you will want to come back for more.

And if you still have a hard time hand control, it can be on practice mode before you try to master the real adventure tap purity!

Travel to a never-ending line and dance music line at high speed as the game's ultimate guide.

Game rules:

Listening carefully through the Growing Line Guide, a multi-environment music. To get a sharp turn in the world, tap the screen, to avoid obstacles and react before your eyes changed.

Game Features

1. Original background music

2. To add more difficulty with your own stories

3. Very easy practice position with a finger tap

4. Living Music is important


  • It offers challenging gameplay.
  • The game has simple graphics and attractive colors.


  • Endless game requires more concentration.
  • The new version of Android will be better than the old version.

Tips to play the game

Because of the rules of the game when the obstacles come at you use that sound. Usually, a sound and sound interruption player can play to find some of them. It's a simple game, but it will take a little concentration to play. Note the way you go. Each level is more complicated. For some time, thinking of music and movement that you do not synchronize properly. The moment of perception of this reflection you must be very careful to control the movement. You can easily go on without worrying about energy.

In addition, the cube runs an energy source and players will have to wait until dice for a lifetime. You have two options as a supplementary state. There are 50 dice with 24-hour pay cubes. About every one of these levels until your game support. After watching Dance Line Advertising for Android offers you to get free dice. Now players can use this option. 

Was gibt's Neues

  1. The 3rd Anniversary event is released, complete challenge to collect pieces of levels, limited skin and props are waiting you!
  2. New Skin: Magic Cloak
  3. New Props:Bamboo Dragonfly,Wizard Hat,Bowler Hat,Mexican Hat.Now you can take props with your skin!
  4. Subscription function, now you can unlock all levels, get unlimited hearts and cubes, remove all ads by purchasing this item.