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Duolingo does not make you think of how you study it but just had fun learning with a game or an application on your Android device, applying simple and convenient languages.

There is an application that allows you to learn a lot of languages ​​like English, French, Italian or Portuguese because in different languages, Spanish. Do you just want to use the language you choose to lean on the first time application?

It uses the benefits of Duolingo in a manner comparable to other language learning programs for the term 'Gamification'. Duolingo gives you lessons in the way that it looks like you're just playing a game.

How to make a full text, can learn the points. If you make a mistake, it can be heartbreaking. Duolingo has tried one of your learning processes so that it just looks like a fun video game, and it is possible to do so.

Duolingo is an excellent tool to learn, whether you are interested in any language, whether Spanish, French, Portuguese, or other. In addition, it has an eye-catching visual style and is completely free.

Duolingo is now a new and better educational system

It's no secret that anyone has to learn Duolingo's app which needs to motivate them to improve their foreign language skills. App creators are always looking for new ways of user loyalty and this new update has been updated to save the classical education system: now you can continue to bring a certain degree of subject improvement, thanks to its new system.

The first level/crown characterized by its system should be a lesson tree and deeper than ever. Divide into five separate study sessions each chapter as you successfully complete the cron level. Going through the levels, you have to take a good number of days, depending on level 4 and 40 (in between, completing stuff that you may have already learned, maybe you'll get double). Of course, it's with the very new stuff to keep it interesting.

The new feature that will prevent you from getting bored, is preventing users from quitting the application that is expected, which is to learn the process. Both new users and retirees want to learn more about all users and what freedom issues they have chosen, more applications. Logically, at each new level of practice, you are complete and complex.

Although Duolingo mainly frequently bases its methods on some users already complain it's not just that the new function has been well implemented. It's still really early to evaluate this new feature, for us, but we think it's a refreshing change to deepen the system for our issues that we need to know more about. It's a new feature here to stay and this great app makes use of Gamification as a learning tool at a new level.

Now users of a free language Duolingo learning app can learn languages ​​to learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, Welsh, English. Now apply in other languages, two, learning; Swahili and Romanian.

If the user plays the game, they can improve their following foreign language skills.

  • That being said
  • Read
  • To hear
  • To write

Duolingo helps the user effectively answer simple questions and improve their vocabulary and other lessons grammar in a specific language. The following is the start-up of the user following the language t application basics of the language.

  • Verb
  • Sentences
  • Punishment

Learning new words everyday

The following are some of the various top critics of our time, observations and recommendations for Duolingo.

  • Google is the "Play Editor for the Best of Awards "from the Apps of 2013 and 2014 ".
  • The Wall Street Journal; "To date, this is the fastest and best learning app. "
  • Time Magazine; "You can rest in secret Duolingo's hands for the future of education. "
  • PC Magazine; "All speakers have requested that no one can beat Duolingo. "

Delay is one of the easiest ways to learn the tool. The small text application and a stable teaching method make it easy to activate simple habits and be prepared to acquire a lot of language at a later stage.

  • The way education is replaced by Duolingo.
  • It is completely and totally independent.

They are fun languages ​​with little lessons to learn during your accomplishments to pursue learning.

Spend a semester of 34 hours courses at Duolingo University level equivalent.


  • Duolingo often leads to huge gap problems, so the answer screen is suddenly delayed freeze. The harsh uses it in some time.
  • Excessive advertising while the application is underway.
  • Persistent notification pop-ups when you briefly respond to Duolingo's little reminder.

Learn Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Esperanto, Polish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Hebrew, English, and Welsh.

He is fun and free. New! Swahili and Romanian.

Practice drama speaking or reading, listening and writing a playtime! They answer your vocabulary and the questions will improve grammar and complete lessons. The basic verb begins with the phrase and set and can learn new words every day.

Duolingo has the ability to change these languages.

• It's free, it's real.

• Enjoy. Proceed with the ultimate small-sized lesson, and keep track of your progress with clear achievements.

• It is effective. Duolingo equals a 34-hour university-level training session.

User Reviews

User 1: Great learning platform, sometimes it is very repetitive and you should allow this notice to check you without buying lessons from them if you find it boring. 20 lesson plans and crazy hard left class total of five levels after a certain time. Each text was very different, it would be better, but it is the same old words as the Twilight Zone at the time. I only have to watch TV while getting text bored.

User 2: I kind of application. I liked that they gave me a lesson instruction. There are still a few things, but I want to. It can be cool if they have the Duolingo Stories app. There are stories on the bus that I hate to log in to published apps and sites. Small problem, but I don't know how you scroll all the way down to the Lesson Tree lesson I studied at that time. A nice bonus, podcast app dictionary, and good use!

User 3: It works. The only thing I teach needs improvement is literally meant to say the meaning is not good. I think every word is taught to be very general rather than just the literal meaning of having a general idea of ​​what we are trying to express. To illustrate Fer, one step means that the literal is not "taught" "because the statement is literally taught that" "still the falling sky master," "the whole study must be seen.