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Jan 17, 2018

Geometry dash meltdown is an easy concept in the game. There you can get the game with its small group while moving around in different sizes of course. There are some details of the game like smiling faces.

They play geometry dash meltdown game because you are jumping on greenery that tries to bypass other shapes and many obstacles. The fun background level is like playing music to go a little faster. The class starts automatically. It is your job to just go through the levels at the right place to get through. If you miss the obstacles because you start running new things in planes. There are only three levels, which are locked in the game, but it is difficult to level that there is more natural sound than many small levels.

More monsters ready for spikes and new geometry were thought possible because the adventure stroked throughout!

As you jump your way through his flip clicky finger flex, fly and dark caves, and spiky obstacles.

Game Features

• Rhythm-based action platformer!

• F-777 Three levels with unique music!

• Unique Meltdown symbols and colors to customize your character unlocked!

• Rocket gravity flip and fly more!

• Use your skills to sharpen practice positions!

• Challenge yourself with the almost impossible!


Geometry Dash Meltdown is a challenging game on Android with endless runner game patterns. It is said that the geometry dash meltdown is so difficult for its own difficulty as the flappy bird famously. Geometry dash with meltdown, possible gamers to get more tips and geometry dash filled adventure than playing with the demand for solid monsters. To pass each level, you better jumpy clicky finger as the cube was manipulated, how to fly and bend the dark caves and prickly obstacles that flip your way through.

In fact, the geometry dash row has the same meltdown like the previous entry. Players only control the jumps at each stage in the music of the cubes come to support you get more highlight, constantly increasing your speed and prices, such as exciting. In addition, players can unlock new characters or a new level. Players cube hen wrong, it will respond to fire or embarrassment and sharp things.


  • Fun colors
  • Interesting music
  • Challenging


  • A few steps
  • Upgrade to the full version

Geometry Dash Old Answer: "When you gain technical knowledge, download Dubstep, nails, and rainbow mixes" and find out ...

What is new

  • Bug fixes and optimizations

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  • Bugfixes and tweaks