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Aug 22, 2017

Happy Wheels is a physics-based obstacle course game with billions of more pieces and more available now for your mobile devices. Take the role of its inadequate preparation racer and ignore the sharp consequences of a desperate quest for victory.

The portable version of the classic game, Happy Wheels, is the same name, and you control various characters and vehicles with wheels on this bike ride Segways. While the area Happy Wheels can be interesting to point out, just press for each of these levels. You have no guarantee that they have reached the end. In fact, your character died most often in the most frightening of imagination in the most unlikely case. For example, you have to avoid the swirling fans and many other dangerous obstacles sword.

Despite what the touch controls indicate, they also work wonderfully Happy Wheels for iOS. By itself, the game offers a lot of difficulties, but the cost of entertainment will drive you back into the second round. Of course, the beauty of this game is just as drawn. Each viewer will choose the raw massacre and the amount of blood, but for those who dare to play it, you have captured a lot of different mini-games.

User-created missions, you have 35 unique levels, and if you go into the editor, you can create your own level and share it with the online community. Can you cope with the threats? You can destroy balls that rise above the middle and run everything into mines or harpoon. Sporting simple and realistic physics will keep you coming back. Supported devices iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini.

The introductory chapter provides the business boy personal family driving.


  • 35 unique and challenging levels
  • Create your own level editor
  • Deadly obstacles: spikes, tunnels, daffodil balls, harpoons and more
  • Smooth, realistic physics
  • Game Center Support for Leaderboards
  • Total jerk face is not associated with Happy Bike Wheels ('Happy Wheels' manufacturer)
  • Happy Wheels Pro APK gameplay is based on the "Designer" type. By your rules to play!
  • A large number of puzzles. New puzzle levels look different with regular additions;
  • Apply the solution, and then - to see the results!
  • Large selection of transportation. Bicycle gyro scales and armored vehicles - transport for all tastes. 

If you race bikes have to race your wheel of hot races, tap their wheel and rolling spin down the hill, cross the river, under the glowing sky and then end the screen. Eventually, if you, like a dumb person, then run looking for ways to die. Remember, every day the next drive no return, it's just on and on the line, waiting for a little luck. If only a little bug is a stupid or lucky man, the death we leave your CSR too many ways to cycle, dash.Tap water. Upon its keys, death, turn the faucet or destroy a piece of paper with the appropriate button as the wheel turns into a teardrop cookie. When faced with the line, slow down key barriers.

If you have all the necessary keys available and make a small fortune.This game cloth doll extreme CSR Time. Their mobile phones offer an exciting mix of Happy Wheels Amazing tracks, a little experience in a real physics-based racing game of happiness and fatal challenges. Line speed as you think of negotiating your way through deadly existence. Meet the Wild Stunts, ignoring death, witnessing bone-breaking effects and losing an organ or something, and taking over the top! Bike Amazing Experience Race rolling the mountain under the blue sky, driving more down the flower path on the mountain, feeling the paper dash, the rolling water.

The process of the game

Happy Wheels APK is an exciting arcade for free download. The main goal of the players is to complete the level, live balance. Description and construction, grid and all kinds of natural obstacles in the way, you can block. Also, their task is to constantly produce road obstacles to neutralize in the short term.

Download Happy Wheels game apk and benefits game implemented by the social component. Having achieved an impressive result, you can share it with your friends successfully.

Control is implemented, this is the system using the keypad on the game screen. Raises the right in the air in different directions - forward / backward, left - - jump, and storm.