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Jan 30, 2020

Simple all-around editing, rich manual controls, and creative camera mode make the HTC Camera one-stop all-around because of the one-stop wandering photographer. White Balance ISO control, you can always create the right mood for your photos and videos. You can also click to try adding new cameras. Adjust your camera, you can swipe between them to change what you use most commonly. If you delete a default camera mode, you can add it later.

Experience Eye (M8) is one of the moments acquired with a unique eye, unforgettable phone or wish recording. Create wide-angle or 360-degree panoramas, photo booth-style film strip shoots, a scene or selfie harvest at the same time and most importantly with busy cameras. If you can add the new HTC One M9, you will feel the eyes even more from the HTC camera. If you shoot digital negative files, Row Camera Mode (DNG), you can customize it with professional tools. Take an eye on the bokeh camera, blink in the soft background recording and quickly shed light on the subject. When recording video, try to shoot 4K resolution for high-quality results. Features (not available on all phones):

  • Swipe the switch to the camera
  • Rich manual control
  • Auto capture and capture sound
  • Live
  • Photo booth status
  • Split capture mode
  • Row camera position

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User Reviews

User 1: Hello. Almost all of the HTC models I've used to date from 2009 are today. But clearly the HTC U11 model is not a good camera, as I remedied the latest version of the unit and updated the camera's front and backlighting and updates. I couldn't do what a reformer must do. Now I decided to write this HTC phone. If you founded a company for a long time and you have a good story, but unfortunately you have lost your audience around the world. I decided to buy Huawei

User 2: I have had a bad experience with your camera for the past few days. Therefore, it is your turn to resume holding the phone and most of the time crash. I have some potential solutions trying to fix it, but it seems there is no way to solve it. Update: Caused by battery issues. Then I changed my review

User 3: You guys go do something about it! After more than a few weeks there is a growing concern about the poor camera. Since then, the Android 9 software has been updating my HTC and camera 11 before the crash and I'm not used to it. I've approved several times to restart my cell phone and apps have cached memory on the phone, etc. All versions can be updated with the latest from software apps, though with a new update. Solve this as soon as possible !! 

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