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Friendly for Facebook Apk

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4.5.24 für Android
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Aug 06, 2020

Friendly is not a full facebook and FB messenger service. The mobile website built as an extension of light Facebook, it is safe for your battery, memory, and information to give you something back when you are in control of your news feed.

Keyword filter

Set your keyword filter "" Republican "" or "Democrat" If you are tired of looking at political contributions, just type in article and hide keyword "" election "", ... and see this: Brand new keyword filtering kill two Android devices Uses no posts containing these words in your feed will be displayed. On the contrary, if you want to see more posts (close friend or status) with cats, you can set a filter to filter out these topics and users for publishing. Why settle for less than the ideal algorithm when you can take full control with Friendly?

Key Features

• Keep track of your messages with word filter feeds.

• Attach your feed sorting through a recent release.

• Are blocked ads

• Protect your account with fingerprints and code lock

• Fast switch between multiple accounts FB

• Beautiful content topics

• Shortly

• Convenient Português

• Hindi less

• Night appearance

• Link to an external browser

We help you translate in more languages! Send us an e-mail [email protected]

Friendly, so that doesn't work for you, just let us know that we can e-mail us to fix it. Folio Swipe on Facebook and Metal Facebook We recommend you check out three great options. They can be good to inspire us every day.

What is new

- New settings

- Enable / Disable Notification Pulse

- Choose an alert sound

- Extensions / Updates

- Log-out instructions

- Minor fixes and crashes

- German translation