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Mai 04, 2020

Messer found an arcade game where you throw knives at a rotating surface, trying to avoid hitting a knife that already tried. When you start playing for the first time, you are throwing a knife at a piece of wood, but if you earn more points Get out because you have many other surface knives to throw.

It is very dangerous, but if you do not use your chances of a mobile phone. The player brought this art through the Publishing Ketchapp Knife Hit (MoD free purchase). Ketchapp games are always popular for endless fun and addictive gameplay players have. Of course, knife hits are no exception. The game looks like a holiday.

Knife blow, you will learn how to be a knife-master as a talented ninja. Your job in the game is just to kill with a knife. Yes, you need a knife game to throw on the board. It sounds simple, but in the game, it makes it difficult for the content or goal provision to reach many challenges. Never give up the right, fast, fast, slow rotation problems. If you accidentally hit the knife in the preassembled knife, the game will end immediately.

Press from knife mode to combine infinite play with knife play. Enough game you can cross the knives screen necessary. Also, break the apple on the game screen, you can collect. Try more and more apples before you knock on them to unlock the game. Each knife depends on a point successful. Hit the knife to throw as much energy as possible to create an unbeaten record. Honor your friend's page, win the game. Also, the knife hit a number of large badges at work to complete the hit. Isn't that very interesting?

In addition, it is impossible to reference a specific system heat knife. After every 4 games, you get a boss's face. Your goal is a variety of interesting things like wooden planks, but a compass, a cake, or even a cheese plate. These special tests are very difficult in general, compared to it you need to be very careful in every shot. But these games bring a lot of points and apples to win.

The Ultimate Knife Challenge is here!

The diameter of the entrance they take breaks. Unlock Apple chops and new knife. In each of the 5 stages rescued by one owner - they beat to get a special knife!

Be careful not to get injured or hit the spikes. Own actions, attention to the goal, and knives to the champion!

Can you beat all of the bosses?

Knife Hits - Android, where you have to throw a knife in an exciting game of a tree. The game is really your agility and accuracy, you need to test the knife in throwing a moving object. How to carefully break sharp spikes into the tree or apple and wound knife and get another knife, otherwise you will be on the game. Every fifth stage of the game you will meet with strong owners, protect the building from destruction. After winning the owner's prize a new special knife is obtained because. You are limited to have time to work, so as soon as possible, wound the level knife and transferred effectively.

Users reviews

User 1: Very good, I like it. Things that are not like an endless commercial I have, but I understand that they make money, then it is fine. But what really annoyed me when I had a big boss battle, I was given the chance to do a lost check and video again. Many do not want to miss the opportunity to be the legendary knife, I clicked on the first option and watching the video when it was brought back I pre-screen and it was not me again. In addition to this good

User 2: I love this app, I can play it almost all the time. I'm more than 200,000 of this weird mistake I made at Apple, I'm pretty sure that tomorrow I was just 200. I have a knife on all sides to even challenge the game knife. I know I'm not a game so I ended so much. I tried to close the app and open it again, it didn't work. I restarted the machine and it didn't work. For me, the game was kind of devastating. I hope this is accurate

User 3: If you want to save all the requirements that we have signed on Facebook or something man, I just want to make our progress first of two things that we (players) always need to play some new events and tournament competition players, first No, not all the work I do when I lose a lot, to take new phones into the game to remove. I want you to try to solve this problem and this problem. 

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