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Jul 30, 2019

Skater Boy is a game that is easy and addictive to offer. Some amazing stunts and tricks on your skateboard to perfume some super-speed on how to impress your friends and use your device. Easy acceleration and two buttons and jumps are controlled. With more than 90 levels and a variety of terrain, addiction overcomes many challenges. Do not try to hand the project. Skater boy, especially for young players.

Perform various tactics of landing, jumping, air, and landing safety. "Scatter Boy" The game is very simple

But super fun.

You just need to get a score, how to speed up the obstacles or jump on the street and salary you can.

The play is way too easy.

(One accelerator is upgraded and the other jumps), the double-tap screen shows some cool

Tricks in the air can earn extra points.


  • Clear and simple images
  • In 3 separate areas
  • 90 cool and addictive levels.
  • Different cool tricks.
  • More levels are coming soon.


What bored pâtiminutke office? Or meet a parent at school? Is that a mother-in-law to visit?

The answer.

Take a skateboard in their hands, kick and roll, jump, run and get Greby's, grinds and slides, increase sales, lindane, Stelly-all kinds of word movement and tricks!


But how to do it, with no son taken to school work, and Tesu ICU with a heart attack?

The answer.

For Skater Boy himself and security downloads, work and mother-in-law are a great world move on a skateboard. 

Was gibt's Neues

General bug fixes and optimization which brings you better gaming experience!