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Apr 27, 2020

Tekken Card Tournament: Battlers allocate cards to a significant degree that they do not reveal much in the gameplay process. You have meanders kick-back and mentor and computerized cardboard nice bits that are collected every once in a while. Here in the development, you will have the opportunity to take outsmart rivals deliberately aligned and get on the card that you must a character. The Lancet circumstance.To.

The eight Paul Phoenix, Kazuya Mishima, Yoshimitsu and Panda. Every brave talker's talk of their own pros and cons must first browse the most famous discussion of Tekken's feature instead of including the presentation of fighters you can use with them. They take only 15 in a fight, and unsafe. Battles of your cards typically split 10 seconds into the first three activities, never between you. If the center allows you to strike your opponent with a card that offers Drew the chance to strike, and damage two-card blocks. The lead warrior loses his hit zero directed straight.

Tekken Correspondence Competition Correspondence works for robots.

Glad to be invited to the Tekken strategic beat-em up group if you haven't already! Tekken Paper Contest is a new beat-em up CCG with real-time combat duels and band tactical, tactical warfare. Link to e'er 8 million players worldwide status CCG beatemup Tekken Free to Play. Tekken Role Competition offers stunning 3D graphics, exciting turn-based board battles that bring satisfaction with depth and heavy characters.

Tekken records with strategies and strategies to win the Poverty Games online in real-time. It's not interesting; Their opponents struggle to grow worldwide. They all hold on, do you have the power? Try and compete is the most difficult dispute. Fick's enemies Tekken Fighters leader adorn his supreme unpeaceful fears of many professional collections.

Additional Features

  • In-depth gameplay
  • Amazing views
  • Global competition
  • Solo expedition
  • And more…


  • Bottom Change Gameplay: Your Grace. To create and collect new cards and move the Medico rivals to pass the rigidly-engraved engravement process and the complete inability of its strategic combo to go through the merger process.
  • Impressive Scene: Drunk quality, Unfurrowed 3D Tekken's famous graphics innocence is the heartbreaking accumulation of rhythms in this gamey beat-em-up.
  • As long as you have time to fight the sphere of opponents online sphere of challenge pairing goes an actor worldwide. Their goal is to increase the worldwide ranking of award-winning visual actors in competitions and weekly battles on the subject.
  • Single drive essay Your receipt and 50 unique challenges are more strategic decisions all Nippon. Author countries and upcoming update challenges.
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  • Tekken Card Tournament - Enchanting game turn-based fight with excellent gameplay on Android. The game contains good graphics, a large number of unique trading card rivals. Choose your own player, fight with the best fighters the league will win!

Tekken Card Tournament Our website was listed in category War. It can be installed on tablets and smartphones, at least on Android version. Download the APK file, you must press the appropriate green button on the app page. Tekken card tournament weight 235,71 MB.

You should be aware that our site only provides quality APK files that can be downloaded with the fastest speed to our server. There are 3,422 versions of this app available. Not for serious fans of Tekken Card Tournament, we can also modify the APK or modify various functions of the file. You have to press the red button on the application side to download. With the help of Android Emulator, you can use the app on other devices. 

Was gibt's Neues

  • Fixed a crash when coming back into the game.
  • Fixed a bug where players couldn't find the customization items they have purchased.