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4.3.1 für Android
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Mai 18, 2020

Zombie Tsunami is perfect for anyone who loves the game genre. This time the protagonist hordes of zombies - the game offers fast gameplay, beautiful graphics, special effects, and great playability.

A hungry zombie game zombie tsunami will be called to chase helpless citizens of the city. During the genocide you bonuses that will give you power over allowing you to clear everything in its path on the one hand.

The zombie tsunami, the hint that it really makes both the clock and the play nice for the detail and you pay close attention.

Speaking of opportunities, the game did not finish a large number of vehicles if you do not jump a certain time. Alert the horns and their reflection exercises to their jumps to listen intently to one of these vehicles successfully. Once the end of the game is added to each collected brain, the grid.

How the cards from the beginning will be awarded on the grid. There is a collection of new backgrounds so the application can get memory because it was a bonus item. More coins and other random prizes can be sold to get a scratch card. The pros and cons of the sport could not be explained below.


  • One-touch One-bunch of gameplay controls
  • 10 Delirious Bonuses, Ninja, Dragons, UFOs & More
  • Unlock many fixes
  • Increase the use of zombie birds and their powers
  • More than 300 missions to destroy
  • Travel 11 sets
  • Optimized for all Android models


  • Infinite tasks can be a nice time playing with killing.
  • It offers unique zombie characters.
  • And there are hundreds of levels of more exciting games.
  • There are different zombies getting on the genre.


  • You need more goods for sale to reach viewers.
  • Rarely found zombie types can only be purchased with jewels.

How to play

Sometimes you will need special items to improve your items on this mission. Once upgrades get the best buy, you will get the mission. This is because you have to pay double the amount of visible coin missions before you buy them to modify the item selected. Stop wasting your coins to buy upgrades too soon. Only get them when they are needed.

Change the trajectory, you do so on the side of each level you will have a safe long jump. Not a great way to carry high jumps and failures. Quarterback use power-ups, a good idea is the medium speed at which you will be able to go slowly. Just download the Zombie Tsunami to build your fantasy Android Dead team.

Was gibt's Neues

  • Sumer events!
  • Bug fix and improvements
  • Optimized for larger screens
  • Blast Processing