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Boomerang from Instagram Apk

10.1 MB
1.4.7 for Android
Updated On:
Sep 05, 2019

Boomerang from Instagram is making everyday moments that are fun and unpredictable. Loop mini-videos are back and forth to share captivating happenings with your friends.

Make some discoveries (or anyone!) Moves, or even a video photo using the front-facing camera. There is only one key. 10 pictures and he shoots a blast in a sexy mini-video: The faucet and the boomerang remain. Share your video for your camera roll stores on Facebook and Instagram to share directly with the app or later.

Boomerang from Instagram, developed by Instagram for your Android app to enjoy your photos. Boomerang of Instagram lets you use the free live photo app mini video photos factor from your Android phone. You can send your friends a video cutter to make a GIF type mini forward-backward. Moving with an object camera. They only touch the screen once and do everything for you.

The app is expected to take 10 pictures in the top and three minutes of mini-videos. Live images on iPhone 6s or applications they use on the back of your phone or camera. It captures a moving subject such as a picture and automatically rotates photos automatically included in the rotating video.

You can also use the mini video that can be shared with your friends in relation to the social networks membership process without boomerang. It's a convenient, fast and fun video way to offer boomerang, reducing fat richness more than size. And what's salient is that it provides a relatively spread out.


* Take back a mini video of your life for the font itself and the facing camera.

* Download and start recording immediately. No registration or account is required.

* One Button! Apply, 10 images and video speed stitches to them and then loop back and forth along.

* Video directly on Instagram and Facebook directly from the camera part of your app or share them.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple task
  • Entertainment to watch
  • Video makes a fantastic way


  • Timer required
  • Color Themes

How to play

The boomerang of Instagram for Android is quite simple, really. First of all, what you plan to find out moves. Instagram If you are ready to open and face the Android camera. As you go to the bottom of the screen on the white circle, the contact begins to shoot it. Once done it again by tapping it. See the results, and you should have fun doing so. Then lower the Instagram, Facebook or Bluetooth icon to split the two-screen cutting screen results. See? It doesn't even take enough minutes to get it.

User Reviews

User 1: This app is angrier to me than anyone else. Is your application useless for a moment when it can just hold, save the corrupt file? Literally every time I took and decided to stop a boomerang I couldn't warn anyone to save it. What is your application I have a lot of depression and anxiety in my life? I would not stress that to an application for all, let me use it because for the moment an ideal person would never walk again.

User 2: The application almost needs to be approved. Instead of just 10 frames a record time of 10 seconds. Currently, that footage lasts only 3 seconds. IG is still a small editor to limit the harvest and allows the maximum size of trim. The application is very comprehensive. Add a 10-second recording and trim editor you will get the five-star program. Peace! (Now uninstall the app. While the program provides more user comfort, I come in. Peace or Cut Again!)

User 3: It doesn't work. There will be a boomerang and I can save, but when I try to share Instagram, it's just a black screen. When I checked the phone's photo gallery, it's a three-second video of a completely black screen. Not sure if a program that black only records 3 seconds of video, but also boomerang.