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Feb 20, 2020

Facebook Messenger is a classic SMS application multi-system, images can share video and phone calls, be it audio or video. It can add text to your recipient manually. You can chat with many friends. Many more with just many friends. Display bubbles to display on your device, so you can also select and text messages one at a time.

However, the official app allows for Facebook Messenger and chat with your Facebook friends, but it has developed a full-blown free messaging app. They will show you the messenger applications you can scan through your contacts and you add your phone contacts application. This means that you can chat with your FB friends with your phone contacts. Also, you can ask your friends or family groups where you can always just chat like WhatsApp. You can also send emoji photos to your chat documents audio message.

The most attractive thing in the app archive is to negotiate your sticker to express your emotions. An interesting feature of this app is that when you uninstall it, the app will keep you talking and when you install it, you can start your conversation.

Note The Messenger home screen is sometimes small ads that appear. These days all the messaging app offers the same functionality and features, it's just user support and user settings, depending on the applications they use. However, it does not matter on Facebook as a company, because they are the owners of all the popular social apps like WhatsApp and Instagram, among others.

Features of Facebook Messenger

  • Group chat
  • Photos and videos
  • Chat Top
  • Free calls
  • Live your conversations with stickers.
  • Send photos and videos to your gallery without leaving a preview for leaving people without a proper selection.
  • Record a voice message when you have more to say

- Uses everywhere. Messenger works on all mobile and desktop devices. You can even connect with people internationally!

- Connect with the way you want. Send a text message Start, share a photo or video chat - All Messenger.

- More communication with groups. Keep adapting in real-time with high-quality video chat group or messaging experience with color, name and group pictures.

1 or group: - Call and Video 1 Chat with your friends. Unless you want to talk about how people in other countries offer free Wi-Fi (or standard data charges apply).

- Do express yourself. Negotiate offers, add emoji, stickers and GIF messages or add new masks and effects to your video chat.

- Capture photos and fun art and video effects. You know, one place where people can see that you can send a camera roll or post for the day to save this conversation.

- Chat with companies You can make reservations, test, and get real-time customer service.


  • This is a free app.
  • Your privacy is protected.
  • Fun application.


  • There are so many pointless additional integrated applications.

How to use Facebook Messenger Apk

It doesn't take much, to begin with, and requires clarity. They can and do not need a Facebook account to use this Messenger. In fact, it's just their mobile phone number. When it comes to setting up, you are asked to enter your mobile number and permission to access your contacts. Setup is not too time-consuming. You already started with a Facebook account, so set up your current account login. If the process is required, you can already log in to the application and use it. All messages and contacts will be automatically transferred after confirmation.

Facebook Messenger 2019 update

Facebook Interest Your target audience and Marks have your applications connected to the latest updates and features. An update on FB Messenger Facebook Messenger since the 2019 update. There are a lot of new bug fixes and additional features.

Now Messenger Messenger app with the new update is in dark mode, which means everything is set in a dark color. The main benefit: less strain on the eyes during use. The darker topics rollout currently encouraged Messenger. But you can start downloading Messenger APK.

How to enable after Dark mode update?

Open the Messenger app and click on the chat below the nav.

Contact or emoji crescent

Once you have it, the rain is crescents. At the top of the screen, you see a message that you can turn on your Messenger profile page to have black status.

The new feature is likely to remove messages for you as well.

What's New

We update the app regularly so that we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Messenger features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements. Thanks for using Messenger!