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Jul 24, 2020

Score! Hero is a football game, but the whole team can control only one player. Even playing the game in place, you can participate in every game in just a number of important games.

In some games, you may be behind many goals, while in others you have to try to catch up in the last minute of the game to try to score the winning goal. The idea that you usually bring either scoring or important moments to assist every game.

The result of an interesting detail! Hero game is a series of levels, divided into a number of seasons, in lieu of which are planned. In each level, you can earn one three stars. On some levels, the goal is to make one door in the corner of the area to get three stars while others take the destination from twenty meters away.

The gameplay is quite typical for the genre: slide your finger on the ball path check on the screen. This way, you can add effects to the ball and head and other tricks.

The result! The hero is a very entertaining football game of great graphics. Gives other football games a different gaming experience from these games. Also, this game loads of customization options for your player.

Score! Hero 3D gameplay with hero who almost in real life comes like a gameplay right game app. Young needs a hint that you can customize according to your choice to start the journey, and you will create players through difficult levels and a legend of ordinary man to achieve that important skill. The game also allows you to represent the country and play share with your friends and allow you to enhance the different experiences.

Be a hero! Continue to shoot, as you explore more than one 660 dramatic careers, challenging their level heroes with fashion and legendary status score!

Immersive 3D Free Running Score! The game allows you to control the game. Put the ball in the upper corner, or control it with a precise split curvature shot with a unique mobile football experience.

Download and play today!


• More than 660 levels and counting ...

• To win races, you win trophies, goals, change club scores, go to represent your country and glory!

• Take medals and glory on regular occasions!

• New Score! A motor that can play a lot more freedom and strategic!

• Simple to play hard to master

• Cut stunning 3D graphics, graphics, and animations

• Customize your hero for a unique look and feel

• Intelligent artificial and fit to play through each different type of shot

• In order to connect with your closest friends, connect with Facebook!

• Play Google Achievements and Leaderboards, which See Rank at the Top!

• Sync progress across devices using Google Cloud!

• Interesting story and more in their entire playing career charts!

Take your chances, round, hero!


  • Exciting and well-organized story
  • Control only one player
  • Rail flexible gameplay
  • Simple swipe-based game


  • Game confusion when you start in the middle of the game

How To Play

There are a few tips to help you score goals! Hero Android was made faster and more convenient. The first one should be sure of a good number of stars. This can be done through your soccer skills when needed. Second, forget to pass in and out when passing or shots just a little closer to the clear view. In the third corner, which is narcotic, when shooting different football locations. Fourth every once in a while to watch a demonstration video and make money, but it is necessary to link this game to your Facebook account.


  • The game is free to play, but there is extra content and in-game items can be purchased for real money.
  • This application uses Wi-Fi or mobile data to download content for ads and (if any) available for download. You can disable this game with setting/mobile data within mobile data.
  • This app contains third-party ads. The game is disabled since the store-bought currency junk mail.

Play the game

Football legend in the game reality makes your dream. The result! Its own high-quality 3D gameplay makes me a class for a handmade gaming experience. Create a game where the player has gone through your own football player's difficulty level of skill that makes him/her a football player he will not get a good football player. The result! Hero mode apk is a fantastic gameplay, where the player can shoot rescue shoots, and it looks like the game in real life. Players who score 580 levels are able to play.

User Reviews

User 1: Fun and I love the weather conditions, but sometimes it is when the mechanics of something really frustrating. Inappropriate you don't know the motives before a star in a game, an airplane, because it's the top left you want to pass that volley to do the most in your life and if you don't think so. Companion, if he passed the run to other people, or just run off bad luck, was ruined in countless lives. Save many right shot goalkeepers.

User 2: I wonder whether it is a "health care system personally I cannot try to waste time, and I want to complete a level limit game giving 5 stars. Also, I would like to have known that every level seems to need to get 3 stars, it will be just after the start. One car is sometimes (off the pitch, etc. from the running) the other, I can enjoy the game/application game

User 3: The fact that you have hearts is stupid plus why do I lose hearts when I deliver a good pass and the player loses the ball himself. And the worst part is that you don't get the objectives before playing a certain level. Instead, you have to complete a level and hope you got more than one star or play the level again. These things really ruin the game. If you'd fix them the game would be amazing. Thank you for taking the time to read the feedback.

What's New

  • Bug Fixes