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Jul 31, 2020

YouTube Music is an authorized music app from YouTube. It allows you to access all content from one of the world's largest online video hosting sites, enjoying application-specific meditation music.

A music YouTube has finally, after a long wait, launched a version other than just the original video streaming programs. At first glance, it's mostly a fresh level of color and music videos Google Play Music. YouTube work has been put on streaming that music to do better than Google's previous efforts, and this could not be done to the fullest.

YouTube Music Arts is a new music app. The app allows you to find the music you want from Android users, easy to find. Even the latest hits are like music. It automatically sends out your context, taste and makes recommendations and playlists based on trends in your area. That music is a new kind of streaming service through YouTube. You can add all of your favorite artists to YouTube Music. In addition, it offers its great artists with an official release.

Home screen tabs:

YouTube Music is a very simple application. When you open it you can find a dark subject. There are three tabs: Home Hot List and Library. As expected, you will find this place where all the downloaded music, recently played songs and playlists are stored. You can also have everything that you like and subscribe to meet artists. YouTube is the only artist subscribed to the following version of the video version service.

Home tab

The Home tab, see the screen for the first time when you open the app. It is a constantly updated list of music and videos based on their taste and location. If you register for music for the first time, it will be asking you to take a handful of artists, and start sewing. As most of the streaming services are in the process of evaluating proposals to improve songs you like and hear or dislike Here's how the amazing Mixe home screen is immovable video and audio.

Hotlists and music on YouTube Music

HotList YouTube page for casual music trading. All of these are placed under the tab, titles and top lists are available and can also be found depending on their region and giving tips depending on location. Integrating the service with Google Assistant Music on YouTube is easy. You can set and find the character and their amazing results. Just enter a song or phrase song, and it will bring the desired results.

Sound quality

At this point you can change the audio quality in YouTube Music. There are no settings in the menu if you sit firmly on YouTube music standard AAC composition (mobile, web, with good connections) 128kbps, 64kbps and poor network terms quality. YouTube audio quality will add an option to voters and higher bit rates.

Finding music:

YouTube Music allows you to easily and effectively find the following.

  • Album
  • Lonely
  • Sanjeev operations
  • Cover
  • Remix

But if you do not know the name of this song you can find that song. Once you describe the song or song type.

You can listen to music for free premium music features. Only when the screen is locked or other events while listening to music. Music plays without interruption. You can also download your favorite music by selecting the Close feature. YouTube Music You can also download free music premiums for one month. Interruptions When the screen is locked during this time, post the music with a free trial and other requests. After a month, the monthly fee is only $ 9.99 per month.


Express music there as some users of YouTube Music

  • Feature a "Music App" "Connect" in advance of that whole concept. In addition, offline download playlists are often defective. You can go back and move instead of automatically pick another song.

Users Review

User 1: I already have the premium version for 8 months this app has been really upset and I am still a few pockets, your application is. For example, I've been doing a lot of playlist songs, and sometimes all the playlists [deleted video], of which the playlist has only one track was deleted. So I have to find this song, wanted to solve this problem. And another bag, when I change the "Bass Boost" or "Sound Around" equalizer, next time I won't save applications. Please correct that pronunciation)

User 2: YTM is very likely, but there are two big things (and one small thing) that have come to prevent that being my primary music service. 1) You cannot add individual songs to your library. Very frustrating I play on GPM. 2) You can't add an artist to your library, subscribe without their channel. Therefore, it is more complicated than just library management and events. 3) You can't have a shuffle cast. For me, that defeats half the playlist's point. Otherwise great application/service.

User 3: This is a great music app. I moved to Amazon Music, and it has some drawbacks. Didn't download music when enabled by law to search offline. And adding songs to the playlist is also a threat. Amazon Music, we can add a number of songs and even the whole cast at the same time, but we can do it with this app. This application is disabled if any option timer is required. These are more artists than any music program. This interface is very attractive.

What's New

Change up your routine with the new Discover Mix, a personalized playlist with songs you’ll love based on what you listen to the most. With a new set of songs each Wednesday, there is always more to explore.