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Hulu: Stream TV, Movies & more Apk

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Dec 16, 2019

The expected increase in order is to satisfy your viewing experience need only to provide application support features. They are adapted to your taste TV experience. To do this, the developer makes it possible for us to create six personal profiles. With this, you can create shows, movies, networks. , A collection of your choice, etc. The application tool directory is ready for quick access to your favorite tracks. Next, while you can browse a few hours to do. Practically does not it?

You know This app comes with a very popular project called Hulu with live TV (beta). Get if you are going to take the best of this regulated application. With it you can not enjoy a position, get the extra features that you will find elsewhere. These features include the TV record later on cloud DVR to stay the ability to watch streams simultaneously on multiple devices to see my team and record your favorite team games. With highlights like this kind of catchy, these extra people can get a real breakthrough, doesn't it?

Experts are sure there are with this app. However, accepting an open mind comes from there if you still have opposition. For the sake of protest, it took a bad application to be labeled as a protest, in the case of always, something for everyone. However, there is nothing to know better against. We are leading them here.

These features are available on all our plans available:

  • Enjoy the charm of your choice of a television experience when you set the clock
  • Created 6 personal profiles so that everyone can keep track of their shows, movies, network, and more
  • Show quick access to your favorite tracks, your devices, networks, and added movies with my content.
  • At home or on the look of all your TV, smartphone or tablet product.
  • Add extra monthly subscription fee for HBO2, Showtime, Starz® like Cinemax® and Premium Networks
  • No hidden fees, equipment rental or appointment appointment

Features available on Hulu + Live TV:

Our ad-supported plan gives you access to the most streaming library. Shows stream more than 85,000 cases until you discover them right now. Spread the classic hit song and find out like the Golden Girls. Looks like the most popular today, this is our good doctor. Stephen King receives Emmy-winning Castle Rock inspired by the Taleto Servant, or press the original runway Marvel in particular.

Hulu (no ad)

This plan gives you the idea of everything you are planning for a Hulu ad-free experience. * Check out our show streaming library that was not included due to Hulu (no advertising) with streaming rights. If the show episodes are not interrupted, that quick hint will be a while before and after each video section.

Hulu + Live TV

The match includes live 60+ top channels, news, more and on-demand television. At the same time, Hulu unlimited access to the streaming libraries through our ad-supported scheme. No contract requires no cable.

Download the Hulu app now and start watching.

Start your free trial at recurring transactions, as your Hulu subscription fee, Hulu + if any (as long as you are free during the trial), is counted as a transaction recurring for live TV. Unless you cancel, your account will be automatically updated at least 24 hours a month before the end of the payment. You can access your Hulu account through subscriptions you can manage, cancel at any time, or set up an automatic renewal. Hulu is available for US customers only.

How to use

As I said, the use of cloud DVR is taken as possible to stay in the TV file. For the record, you can just open Hulu for a live TV program. In other words, as long as there is a TV show or movie selected it is available on request. Then describe a favorite TV show or movie. From there, tap on my episodes or my content. If it's on the air, Hulu: Automatically stream TVs, movie records and this for Android.

Bottom Line

The Hulu for Android is good for your favorite Hulu streaming content. Some offline downloads are frustrating like ads for viewing content and rewinding the fact that you tend to use revenue, continues fast and the buttons appear on the screen.


  • Watch a lot of comedy, drama, reality TV, kids shows and movies. You can see these types of prostitutes like tail slaves, Mindy project path, scene, comfortable and Hulu native.
  • Pay $ 13.99 for additional subscription options: $ 7.99 per month or an ad plan for a limited ad plan. It also offers access to all Hulu live TVs, as well as Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, FX, NBCSN, FS1, The History Channel as well as the top 50 live and on-demand, Hulu you can, and with TNT. Subscribe; Professional, college and regional sports; National and local news; Show children; And much more. You can also watch HBO ($ 14.99), Showtime ($ 8.99) and Cinemax ($ 9.99) on multiple attack devices and save your programming and live TV recording with your cloud DVR.
  • Recommendations for your taste, the more you went to see Hulu Hulu recommendations the better.
  • There are many ways to find content: Tap through a variety of tickles that appear in your fancy, swipe up lineup tab. Or tap the programming that you have already tested to get a verified return. Steal right and you will see this on TV, movies, offspring, and so much more appear on the specific title tab. Swipe down for each category, as long as you want. On the lower rails, you can watch one of my content on TV shows, movies, and have been added under the Networks tab. When the time comes, the tab is especially useful for looking at the surface of content that will no longer be available. You can also if you browse the tab, tap Show on a specific look or see the search style or network search symbol want to see the trend.
  • FlipTray: You can watch FlipTray tap into everything in the middle of a show or movie that you watch in their current show or movie. (It doesn't have to be pretty, but if the option screen, you do, then you can still see, before looking at yourself when deciding something new.)
  • Six Profiles: With Hulu, you can start up to six personal profiles for their biological or selected family, so that your content and recommendations do not mix with everyone.
  • Casting: Tap the compatible device top right, such as TV or Google Chrome casting key Apple TV on your choice.


  • Rewind fast forward, and close placement: Insert screen, first make black screen rewind ahead after quick tap, and pause functions are displayed only. Tap anywhere and don't miss one of the buttons and screens you want to let go of the previous or next section. This is especially annoying when you are looking at ads that have already moved.
  • Show: If you pay only $ 7.99 per month, you get ads. Even with a $ 13.99 ad plan, you'll still see how some ads ask to browse network or production companies.
  • Unlike Netflix and Amazon videos downloaded for offline viewing, Hulu doesn't let you download videos for offline playback. They feel they need a reliable wireless connection to watch without interruption.

User Reviews

User 1: For a few days, when I updated to read a different touch, I can't see anything on your Hulu account. It said: "Sorry, but we have to connect your mobile device to your home network to start needing to validate your home network. Service again." What does this mean? So, I can only see Hulu just when I arrive home ?? I'm out on vacation, watch Hulu, because I want to give you part of the money it will give, and there is no TV where I'll live. My kids can't even see the car ride ...

User 2: The latest version of the Android app is now running on "Amlogic kb2 pro". Android 6.0 is installed and working so far and all other streaming services. Last updated because of this. The problem is the same with DC Universe Online. They still don't fix it. It will be coming soon if I don't cancel both for sure!

User 3: User-friendly, as it is required for application. Hulu needs to take lessons from Netflix. New episodes are often buried and the way they show up hard I can find track/track content despite my content. You should come forward when new episodes are used to how they are available. I know where I was on the left picking to find the show, it set me back one day, my starting point, I could tell, where it really was me. As old episodes, I was a show hiding again. 

What's New

As part of an improved visual experience, we updated the cover art for the titles you see on the Home menu to make it easier on the eye while you browse. We also squashed a few bugs that were getting in the way of your TV time, and made some accessibility improvements.