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SHAREit - Transfer & Share Apk

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5.6.18_ww for Android
Updated On:
Aug 02, 2020

For your information, you can structure your infrastructure for transferring files between two devices without using SHAREit Cloud Storage for Android. There are going to be an end-to-end platform file for the app. It's just a tool that Works with what is installed. There can be space for up to five devices for data transfer. Three are used to connect and procedures can be obtained. There is also a good opportunity to make a clone of a node device to send it.

In addition, this application is multi, but this feature may cause some problems for this application. Solves connectivity problems that are created by the site on various devices. Because you do not need a Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth application tool that should be directly connected to the hotspot connect. In some cases, this application is also incomplete. There are times when it is time to send or freeze the information of the process that the app must properly restart prior to operation.

In addition, it usually doesn't work very well. Data transfer speed during fast but sometimes stable. Moving is a major problem to complete but is automatically stopped by the wireless application itself, which leads to the original compound restart. In other words, this app is not really efficient. Check out some of the opposing sides.


  • Free app
  • Multi-platform
  • Fast operation

How to use

When creating the installation, select the file manager application file and set it as the default mode when it comes to sending files to your devices. When you open the app go for data transfer. In addition, tap the Send button and open file manager automatically, you can select many more types of contacts, photos, music, applications, videos, and files. To receive a transfer, Wi-Fi will not be triggered by the application. Additional speed is required during the process and the process will be excluded for transferring your data if you have stopped. Receiver application version should be independent. If they are not one of your devices, you can send a request via Bluetooth.


Optimized playback experience

An added local deposit box protects your private photos and videos.

SHAREit, Excellent speed and free online app feed including movies share video, music, wallpapers, GIF fast cross-platform. ShareIt is also added to enjoy a powerful media player that can manage and create your own videos and music.

► In the world fast

200 times faster than Bluetooth, the speed limit goes up to 20 m / s.

Transfer files with no quality loss.

Transfer all kinds of files

Photos, videos, music, apps installed and any other files.

► Infinite online video

Constantly adding HD and offline viewing of choice

► Excellent video player

Support almost all formats, to provide a smooth gaming experience

Learn the musical trends

And curate thousands of high-quality songs from playlists. Online and offline

► Elegant music player

The powerful equalizer gives you a special experience

IFGIFs wallpapers and stickers

Personal, funny, download and share

Note: SHAREit permissions are not related to our view.

Accessing the space, SHAREit users can find nearby. At the same time, it is necessary for the Android system to use this permission.

Bluetooth connection activities, like SHAREit and faster, want to connect more efficiently / communicate with the transmitter-receiver.

What's New

  1. The sender and receiver pages have been redesigned, more user-friendly now!
  2. Optimized playback experience.