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May 11, 2020

Microsoft Launcher is a new home screen experience that you can enjoy on your Android phone and enable a seamless transition between your PCs. Microsoft Launcher just turns photos or documents on all PC devices to be more productive if you enable it. General Chat Chat Lounge

Microsoft Launcher allows you to organize everything on your phone is very customizable. List your personal feeds and see your calendar notes during an easy trip to the brand. When you set up Microsoft Launcher as the new home screen, then you can use your favorite application or your current home screen layout, import a new beginning. You can also access your previous home screen if you need to.

Loved things or not is a beautiful feature. Windows Mobile blends mixed and iOS design applications with transparent effects and a colorful Google interface designed to make its icon clean and tidy. People, Arrows Contains 4 parts of applications, recent widgets, and home. With each projection application separately, you cannot add other sites to the main screen.

This app is a list of things that show your favorite apps. Once you have installed it, the application analysis app is used to automatically take advantage of your practice smartphone, especially the most commonly used. Analyze, apply the arrow in the list and ask to select the 5 most frequently used applications. The listing will change over time on the app. The more one application, the higher the application page it's status.

In addition to doing application searches, the arrow also simplifies your device's search content, whether it be images, sound or other work mentioned recently as a contact. When creating content, for example, voice recording, or picture or video arrows can automatically be displayed on the last page of media thumbnails. With recent work, document searching is faster because you are all on the first page. With the standard system for Android first, it has to be driven straight through the gallery or file explorer. Overview The basics, the pros and the results of opposing you remove this app.

Microsoft Launcher Tasks

Personalize your feed

  • Default home screen launcher Enjoy custom feeds and improved functionality with other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft.
  • See your Feeds, Calendar events, customized documentation, and contacts at a glance at the news.
  • Your calendar cards easily manage their schedules on different devices.
  • How much time do they spend identifying family with your kids on the phone or at home, and working on the map, view access? *

Insert a new look on your phone

  • Choose Light, Dark and Transparent theme that fits your style.
  • Enjoy your own photos of daily images as Bing or wallpaper.
  • The app seems to give you the look and feel compatible with its own icon pack and using the mouse adaptive symbol.

Released on PC

  • Photos on the phone are immediately available on your Windows PC. **
  • On your phone and seamless transition between docs on your PC process

Web Search

  • With the universal search bar in Microsoft Launcher \, you can browse the web, transfer files, applications, documents and messages all at once.

Point optimization

  • Insert swipe up phone double taps to show you customization Swipe up the app and lock more.

Organize contacts

  • Keep your most important contacts at your fingertips - and add them to folders or pins, or dock them on your home screen.

How To use the app

In general, it is fairly easy to use Microsoft's Arrow Launcher for Android. You can scroll by swiping the top of the page. Replace the widget or similar launchers. You can also reverse the swipe, appearing immediate action on the Narrowage part to take remote applications. In addition, because you ask quick steps to define the layout. On the home page when you clean it down, it will search for apps and reappear. The news feature in the next is another aspect of the home arrow "people" explained earlier. Contact can be used to tell you or send a message list display easy. It is also useful to find any number.

User Reviews

User 1: I have phone screens and widgets still planned the way I wanted, and when I spent an hour doing all the hard work, I woke up this morning, it's senior, I just liked how it was a sign! Now I make all the things work again !! This is "very good", but not the least, and I hate that I have no choice! I like that you can't move the search bar or move it where it is. This is hatred when I was automatically asleep mainly because I did not ask myself or for download !!!

User 2: The projection is love! I have tried in recent years, many good launchers (Nova) rank with some bad (this is too much) and the best. It is not as personal as Nova, but if you do not think where to "love" significant customization options. I also like it because it's fluidly easy to integrate your Google and Microsoft services (and if I use both, then it's no brainer for me). It's also getting better with every update. Now I have been with me as my daily driver for months

User 3: Big Launcher! They've just taken the screen down a quick time in my life. It is the closest to my thumbs and parts to the most common use of my phone. Other than that, it offers Google Launcher about customization and a lot of good things, calendar and feed swipe news feeds, and what time you have the right to integrate. 

What's New

General bug fixes and performance improvements.