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Jul 14, 2020

Slowly but surely, because they will be able to reach other users to reach the best user application. This keyboard app is not only Samsung, but it can be used on other telephone companies. And to support more than 80 languages, a list of more predictive text input, text links to be used for signature recognition.

In order to create a user experience as well, this application has one of the most important features. Some functions such as a smart typing user will satisfy you. This function will find predictive text, auto spell checking, text shortcuts, switching input languages, and more. AutoSpellcheck users detect spelling errors and simply indicate the correct choice. This means that the word you enter does not need to be modified to indicate the correct words, you want to type. The Tasks application gives the user a complete emoji optimized backup and restores typing, keyboards and more.

Many users install app satisfaction. However, there can be some resistance to text correction. Many people are satisfied with the symptoms, however. This example can be seen in Emoji. Emoji in this app because you have a fun way that expresses your personality, or doesn't like chatting with emoji of the age of 3000. In addition, this app is used so much for other user's satisfaction that they are misunderstood when it is easy for them not to use this app for Android.

Like other programs, it has a few pros and cons. There are some well-known programs and some disadvantages.


  • It has different input methods
  • Application support for multiple languages
  • That's an ideal tip
  • It can be used on any Android


  • There is a limited background/theme
  • Sometimes word correction doesn't work properly

How to use

The phone uses the Samsung keyboard and Android as another keyboard or custom keyboard. You just have to

What's New

Bug fixes and improvements