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10.2.1 for Android
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Aug 04, 2020

Fleksy Keyboard has a wide range of features with a stylish design that combines high performance, it is a keyboard for you to produce Android that the entire keyboard can be found on this operating system.

Keyboard Fleksy its useful gestures shortcuts for most outstanding features. Simply slide with a finger on your Android screen, you can sort words in the dictionary space, add letters or delete words, and undo the last action in any number of different functions such as.

There are several ways to customize the keyboard Fleksy about resizing the keyboard (though you can too). Remove the user space for changing the key distribution in the address bar, or storing the keyboard invisible.

Another very interesting feature of their cloud sync Fleksy keyboard, it also allows the user to provide a recommendation for improving the author to learn the pattern, but also always.

An app like your Google Keyboard for Android or SwiftKey for veterans should have some stiff competition from the classic Fleksy keyboard, the Android giant keyboard in your environment.

Fleksy for private search optimization world, storage type, and officially quick keyboard. Find and send GIFs and stickers to the private web want playable, appropriate, as you type car and customize your keyboard with powerful extensions and colorful themes.

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  • "It's much better than your standard input methods and predictive text engine." - TechCrunch
  • Killer text predictions that work with the sloppiest writing - Time Magazine

Fleksy + GIF Keyboard offers the world's fastest keyboard most fun, customizable way and officially. Discover and customize GIF and stickers with colorful slogans and powerful enhancements and send keyboard.

Uses more like GIFs, hotkeys, number lines, cursor controls, hand strikes, stickers, rainbow key pops, and extensions.

Fast and easy login: Intuitive hand gestures with highly precise auto-correction, responsive, instant input and Fleksy keyboard as simple as a standard keyboard. Ideal place for SMS, Twitter, Facebook addict.

Intuitive Gestures: This is a feature that sets the keyboard aside from the space you choose to add under other boards, or swiping a letter or word to the right that allows you to delete, gestures pics indicating wiping words Emphasize support. Once you use these links speak more strongly your input language.

Elegant Style: Thin and simple, colorful themes make this application a more fun and enjoyable entry. You can resize the keyboard; And with the $ 0.99 upgrade, you can also change the color.

The really exciting programs and the best plays throughout the keyboard simply don't always go live and well because such much advertising and other programs attend as much trouble. It's a fast typer keyboard. It provides features like built-in support functions like emoji. Aman Mishra By October 2016

In my daily driver I recommend this keyboard up and it's mainly one that I have been using. (...) You can customize by Sabir November 2016, truly unique and tailored to your needs with this extension., Kenyatta

Natural gestures

Just swipe left to delete a word! Only a gesture of the finger can add words, space, words, and more, with slight punctuation. Intuitive Android, simple and fast keyboard.

Personal typing

Do not read the entry Fleksy. Where, we are independent of the type of accommodation in your phone, a messaging app that lets you use only the keyboard!

Powerful and beautiful adaptation

Customizable Fleksy Your Top Keyboard Extensions to Use with Awesome Features:

  • The easiest way to use official GIF, a GIF keyboard 
  • 3 keyboard sizes
  • Use your keyboard
  • Copy / Paste, move more cursor with editor, and
  • Easy to use a number line, quick keyboard shortcut or fun Rainbow Pop effect when you enter. Fleksy 3 slots free you, you can try the game, or mix 7!
  • 50 color themes. Show your style! Fans Chameleon Theme App Favorites Color you don't see fit
  • Choose Different Emoji Skin Colors 

The fastest and most accurate keyboard

Quick Record Keyboard Through the Guinness Book of Books! You can also give Fleksy the right to save time by gesturing with auto-enhancements used with the next generation, and without the instinct! Fleksy with automatic correction spelling is not wrong!

Why Fleksy Unique

  • Not just spying on the keyboard. No keyboard is more personal.
  • Keyboard only with custom extensions. No keyboard is customizable.
  • Just a keyboard, where you can play music and video sharing. No keyboard is more accessible.
  • Only the keyboard, which has a world record for typing speed. No keyboard is faster.
  • Elegant design, custom keyboard theme, and size. No keyboard is more beautiful.
  • More than 6 million downloads ... and counting!


Powerful extensions and adaptations

Use to accept Fleksy extensions of your keyboard with incredibly powerful features. GIFs are a quick way to use the keyboard, and the easiest way is to have a lot of fun. Navigate the app right from your keyboard. Copy/paste, move the cursor, and more with the editor. Customize with an easily accessible pay-line, quick keyboard shortcut, or a fun Rainbow Pop effect when you enter. Fleksy 3 slots free you, you can try the game, or mix 7!

The fastest and most accurate keyboard

You can also give Fleksy the right to save time by gesturing with auto-enhancements used with the next generation, and without the instinct! Write faster and more time to save the things you love.

More natural gestures

Finger, light, punctuation, delete, add space, words, and more, with just one movie. Simple. Intuitive. Do it soon

Nice design. 50+ color themes. 3 adjustable sizes

51 Free and colorful theme design shows your style by purchasing. Chameleon theme see you the fan-favorite color of app like matchsticks.

The entrance is really fun!

GIF You must express 800 Emoji 50 Volunteers Rainbow Key Pop. Then use Fleksy to symbolize fun and earn awards! Who said typing was supposed to be boring?

Why are we better than other keyboards?

Keyboard only with custom extensions. No keyboard is customizable.

Only the keyboard, which has a world record for typing speed. No keyboard is faster.

Elegant design, custom design, and size. No keyboard is more beautiful.

Over 5 million downloads ... and counting!

Multilingual typing

Switch type between native languages. Fleksy supports more than 40 languages, including:

• Albanian

• Arabic

• Bulgarian

• Catalan (Spain)

• Croatian

• cheque

• Danish

• Dutch

• English (Australia / Canada / UK / US)

• Estonian

• Finnish

• French (CA / France)

• German

• Greek

• Hebrew

• Hungarian

• Indonesian

• Japanese

• Italian

• Korean

• Latvian

• Lithuanian

• Macedonian

• Malay

• Norway

• Polish

• Portuguese (BR / PT)

• Romanian

• Russia

• Spanish

• Slovak

• Slovenian

• Spanish (Latin America / ES / US)

• Swedish

• Turkey

• Ukrainian

What is new

• Next word prediction is available to begin in 28 languages! Every time you see prophetic words found in the room!

• Update the next word and arrow in your dictionary to get predictions next to the Fleksy menu in your language.

• Here you can find a full list of languages ​​from fleksy.zendesk.com in our advertisement.

• Search for a new feature: Emoji Prediction!

• See emoji in the context of predictive communication! Try writing "thanks mate ", "the Beatles ", "two of the best in the world ". Now available in English (US).

• We have fixed some bugs on your experience on iOS and easy 


Fleksy collects personal information without your express consent. We take data protection very seriously.

Warning Fleksy "which appears to be the entire text of the Android operating system, which should be able to collect, "passwords and credit card numbers, including personal information such as your writing, if enabled by a third-party keyboard. Is done.

What's New

🎨 Discover our newly re-designed app! Open the Fleksy App to find:
  • New Top Menu re-design
  • New Themes Gallery section for faster browsing, selecting & purchasing of Theme packs
  • New "My space" section where you can find all your themes
  • Refreshed side Menu & Extensions 🍉
  • App Dark Mode 🌃
In case you missed, Fleksy also includes:
  • NEW fonts
  • NEW typing sounds
  • NEW languages: Persian, Urdu, Pashto
  • Improved autocorrection across all languages, tap on Languages inside Settings