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7.5.2-1e2de1bb for Android
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Jan 29, 2020

Change System Magisk Manager systemless-LY magical mask. This word can be difficult to understand, right?

Is it a question of magisk whether it can be added to your head? Magisk SuperSU is the best choice for Chainfire. Design Topjohnwu Magisk Manager. He is developing one of the best developers of magisk. If you have installed your device SuperSU you may have problems, you can run non-banking applications on your Android.

Can you be confused about the favor? On the device side, comes the software code or software that the manufacturer usually gives privileges to ask for, the installation will not allow you to.

Many developers with magisk are already deployed to your ROM. Because you can use any application without problems you just magisk amazing features and magisk implementation. The default option for most developers is now Magisk.


Open Source:

  • All of the platforms on Google to make it 100% open source and easy to support.

Magic Mount:

  • System (sellers) change any partition attachment.

Magic SU:

  • Find root access on your device.

Magic HIDE:

  • Hide the Magisk of detections: Google SafetyNet, company/bank system integrity check, to test the integrity.


  • Change or remove all system properties, containing read-only props.

Online Modules Repo:

  • Powered Magisk Module The Magisk Module Repo Community is not installed.

Under one example

You'll say you also want to do banking applications when you open the app, say the information that is included in your phone, and you will use this app on your device.

Now that application you have to break your phone and do your job in the application, and then run the root of your phone using Chainfire SuperSU. The page and your device have a long process unrooting, and no one likes to do such a great job again.

Do you want to have instant access to database applications? You won't have to unroot your phone very often. Therefore, the developers Topjohnwu came up with an application root skin on your device.


• Magisk version and update check

• Check root status

• Check SafetyNet


• Select the location of the boot image

• Advanced installation settings


• Managing superuser privileges

• Toggle login and alerts for each individual application


• Magisk enable/disable removable modules

• Add Magisk Module by manual selection zip Magisk Module files


• Download Magisk Module hosted on Magisk Repo


• Toggle systemless host support

• Toggle busybox support

• Hide Toggle Magisk

• Tons of superuser settings

... and more!

How does the Magisk Manager?

Magisk works systemless-LY and does not change or change system partitions. You create a database application or you want to update the official OTA and install more. You can install OTA updates without losing root privileges and they are no longer required. You do not need a repetitive root.

Roots are based on your Android device Magisk and super user of PHH. Magisk side solution for Android is an open-source. If you want to install magisk, you can apply this administrator using Magisk.

Magisk universal systemless interface. This means that for your modernization or application, you can do so with the help of magisk. Magisk has the most Xposed framework as the exposed framework, as well as separate modules that you can install on your device.

Android Nougat, unfortunately, the Xposed framework is not available. You can also blend the Magisk Manager into your device and the Xposed framework, and you can install a module on the device with the help of the Magisk Manager. You can hide the root of other applications.

Magisk Manager

You can install Magisk Manager on any device. If you want to use magisk on your device, you need an Android device rooted with TWRP recovery. If you don't need TWRP Recovery, you can install the Magisk Manager Android app on your device, and you can enjoy the system side that way on your device.

You can have the magisk manager application rooted and not rooted in using Android devices. If you have a non-rooted Android device, you can root your phone with Magisk. You need to file Flash this zip and you can install Magisk on the device.

In the Magisk Manager Download section, and you can download the Manager application module using Magisk. Just swipe left, and you can install the magisk manager.