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3.5.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 23, 2019

Hungry Shark World is aiming to grow in popularity. This is a known continuation of the previous one. However, players will get some new features. Collect points and gold will be possible to eat as well as more victims. This game has 17 species of sharks who want to collect and grow.The game has many different shark powers and properties. All the activities are really fun. You will achieve many things. Overall, it allows you to take it for many people and they can be easily shark and light.

The goal of the game is not to really get too sea creatures, sea birds and humans, the highest score of food was to collect as much simple multiplier as possible so more points. Don't you think it's easy? But "will the situation make the live game more difficult?" What makes it an exciting and addictive game in the long run?

More species of sharks, the game can also be made up of three cards for players. Your job is to come up with octopus because of a lot of new pet octopus and baby killer whale beluga. For these animals, you have to win the competition prizes. Besides, you can make your shark with many accessories are designed. In other words, the game is an improvement over the previous sequel. A little too much attention carefully disappeared for the invading insect's humans and birds or sharks. Well, not bad, it's a challenge. This includes sea adventure comedy that is full of evil spirits. The game has no timer, and there are also limited.

Finally, the exciting and fun game Hungry Shark World for Android really. In addition, it only takes 5-10 minutes at a time to relax through the game just for fatigue and the boredom is likely to gamble a bit. Their game quality visual experience that rich your eyes of the poor. They play interesting features of the game DYNAMIST and now and always. Finally, there are some good ones and the frauds need to be known.

30 species of sharks

Choose from a number of sharks in different size levels, including 7 famous sea predators: Great White!

Huge open world

Lush Pacific Islands, the Arctic Ocean frosting, the foreign Arabian sea filled, and the South China Sea, a refreshing urban destination, explore unspeakable victims!

Feast your eyes

Food Frenzy Stunning Console Experience High-quality 3D graphics that will blow everything out of the water!

The hungriest of existence

Dinner or delicious 100s and dangerous creatures ... Packed with whales, submarines and careful locals, eat in hiking water!

Shark hunting for breaking material

Increase Your Shark Top Levels and Jawsome Gadgets, Hard Cut Swimming Fast and Equip Hungry! There is no shark without headphones, umbrellas and freakin Jetpack!

Super skin

Customize your Robber with unique skin! Rocking, the appearance is not only maximized within your figure shark personality, too!

Stupid mission and thug boss

Highscore Hunting Challenges hunting and take on more than 20 different types of missions, including epic boss battles!

Useful predatory pets

Baby sharks, whales, an octopus, and even a bald eagle, ready to help with special skills to do more to improve health!

Supersized meal deal

Reveal your potential shark predator: supersize mode, tunnel, explosion, hypnosis and more!

Intuitive advanced control

Due to popular demand, now you can easily control your shark tilting your phone!

How to play

Start the engine with the key start. Then, there are the details and the names of hungry sharks. You must also enter the required number of clicks to generate gems and coins. Finally, log the game. It seems as easy as possible to eat a lot of fish, but the players can not get it. Just select a few fish. Win a bonus through the feeder through schools, and then you will get a big bonus. The power of cutting is to be able to improve your speed by eating your shark big prey. 

What's New

It's finally here, our favorite time of the year... Suit up for SHARK WEEK!
  • NEW SKINS: Customize your sharks with jawsome skins for maxed out stats. Grab a FREE skin for a limited time only!
  • NEW SHARK WEEK SET: It's so good you'll scream!
  • LIVE EVENTS: Survive Shark Week this summer and support Oceana with #KeepOceansSharky