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0.9.9 for Android
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Jan 17, 2018

Message center that we all expect. Disa keeps their tools securely integrated into your messaging and communication services. The design is clean and the features are constantly adding and easy to merge messages.

On the way, make sure you are on your application and find your next DISA station. Just learn how to get access to how to get there, what to look for and where to refuel.

The gas department lets you find all the advantages of ordering a bottle at home and contact your nearest dealer and Nu-B.

DISA with your club, you will know how to achieve points earned, what prices you can get the list at any time and how to get them. If you are already a member of the club, you will always have the price on the score and the fingers on the cutting edge.

Don't worry where was in the parking lot! With my car graft, you don't need memory. Save back on your car and situation, the application itself must do it that way.

If you want, you can follow all DISA message and date to be promoted in the news section.

And if you have an iPad, you can also test the efficient knowledge EcoMoción vehicle.

Can You Do It With Disa?

You can easily adjust! United Connectivity and Messaging Services in Two Clicks. There are many more fun features and we need to update them to give you the best user experience. Just open the app to download and reveal all that a Disa has to offer.

How to Start Using Disa?

  • > Settings> Services >> Click Manager Service Add-ons Open the list Add Programs - Click Select your services. (After you install your service, 10 presentations will be uploaded. Don't worry, don't lose their last conversation, upload it manually by creating a new message in the contact or group chat and they will appear in your chat list.)
  • > For the interview (s), press Merge> and hold the first dialog on the list> and click the symbol that opens the action once click Merge - Chat Merge.

What extensions are available?

This beta version of the text plugin is automatically sent. Third-party plug-ins may also be at our disposal. You can click on this third-party Plug-in Manager plug-in application (s) on the search link.

If you don't see your favorite plug-in, don't worry. The future

And what our plan?

More Plugins! New features with our patent-pending technology deliver tons of innovation that have never been seen before. Is not limited to Disa Messaging Services; In a few months, you will experience the conversation organization and the whole new way.

Tablet support?

Yes, yes, and if we extend to any desktop and mobile devices, there will be more to come. For each shot, the size and desktop feature are much more optimized ... but they are!

What if I need help?

Try and see our interactive Frequently Asked Questions on our website to find out if your questions are answered. If you have any other issues, refer to the Google+ Community (at http://www.disa.im) for immediate feedback from other users and moderators.

Who Can Use Disa?

Everyone! This app is organized for old, young, super middle and even lazy people. Block "DISA Body Done customized functions.

Please note that this is a beta version and we are still in the testing phase. However, the application enjoys quite a lot of static that we make it perfect. If you have questions, the Disa Google+ Community (at http://www.disa.im), add other users and moderators will help you. Or visit the Frequently Asked Questions (http://www.disa.im/faq.html).

What New

  • Implemented a new message on the counter.
  • One conversation started with a static text sync load.
  • Fixed double MMS option.
  • Incorrect Intervals Service Page settings are set.
  • Unread can not jump clues to their selection is not stable.
  • Fixed click notification and nothing will do.
  • Fixed last time will not be displayed on cold start.
  • Loaded as a static emoji cartridge.
  • Hard to see text messages flash.
  • The steady jump spoke openly at the top.
  • Future customized SQLite library introduced for Android N
  • Updated LibPhoneNumber.
  • There is a slight delay.

Have fun! 

What's New

  • Implemented in-chat new message indicators.
  • Implemented message quotes.
  • Implemented workaround for Android Wear notification deletion bug.
  • You now do not need reception to setup the Text service.
  • Improved SMS/MMS incoming handling system.
  • Fixed emojis and service icons sometimes not loading.
  • Fixed sharing image files from the thumbnail media viewer.