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Jul 20, 2020

NetGuard is an open-source application that blocks any application on your device to establish Internet access. With it, you can gain access to your data, save battery life, reduce and protect your privacy securely.

The main window shows a comprehensive list of applications installed on all devices. Just upload the app tap once and watch the download rate. If you are not satisfied with the price, use the internet for the block, that is what you need. Application IPv4 / IPv6 and TCP / UDP support. It also supports tethering.

Thanks to NetGuard, a very useful app for blocking Internet access for every app, where it's easy. Setup Options You can also try to connect to a specific wireless network to take interesting steps, one notification every time the internet or an active way to actively get an application.

NetGuard: Probably the best non-root Android firewall

There are many common applications when connecting to traffic and installing on the Internet system. However, in many cases, you need to set and manage connection parameter permissions for the current root device. Fortunately, NetGuard can completely configure the firewall because root access is not required. Among many other things, it speaks advertisements, some apps, take to keep more than the sum of block information or keep track of Internet usage and behavior application only.

For all this information without the permission of the superuser to collect, all traffic has come to Netguard through its own VPN. Before we note you should stop reading that traffic does not go through the external server, and without tracking the affiliate or application is redirected to any kind of traffic analysis in the official XDA developers thread. Instead, it comes with its own machines. There is a kind of traffic control on smartphones to do this kind of virgin.

In the May app, an endless series of administrative aspects will be found in the list of all installed programs and their behavior. With each application mouse, which will be freely activated to enable data connection web access to applications either on Wi-Fi or via. But it is by far the only available option or permissions that every app, set to open by default if you have something to do, or use the data, disable limited, sending among others in the upper right corner is enabled.

This is only NetGuard initially used to tell you how to come up on the settings menu when you are locked in special circumstances by roaming such a connected little screen, or even after passing through a fixed time power tool.

NetGuard - no-root firewall - NetGuard provides easy and advanced options for accessing the Internet to the limit.

The application and address personal allow that your Wi-Fi and/or mobile connection can be denied access.

Normally the apk file NetGuard - Cumulative scores from the root firewall rating 8.6 out of 10 points Five Star Reviews 13,094th Best Apps On Google Playing Total Apps In Play Store 10 Total Reviews Store Google 8 9176th This app was rated as worse than 1232, Number of users An estimated number of downloads are between 1 million Google Play store NetGuard - the root device-based firewall series

The root firewall is v2.56 with no modifications - please note that the APK20 can only be a part of the original and free apk version NetGuard.

Download all applications and games in the Play Store and at home or just for personal use directly. NetGuard - No root firewall apk download infringes your copyright, please contact us, we will remove it shortly.

The application and address personal allow that your Wi-Fi and / or mobile connection can be denied access.

Internet access can help you block:

• Reduce your data usage

• Store your battery

• Increase your privacy


• Easy to use

• No root required

• 100% Open Source

• No call home

• No tracking or analysis

• Actively developed and supported

• Support for Android 4.0 and higher

• IPv4 / IPv6 TCP / UDP supported

• Tethering support

• Support multiple device users

• Optional on screen

• Alternatively, block roaming can

• Optionally block system applications

• Optionally notify the application Internet access

• Optional network access records can be applied per application

• Light and dark theme

• With content design themes

Pro Features

The following pro features are available for purchase in the app:

  • View Traffic Logs - Enable large outgoing IP traffic to the protocol exporting1 for surfaces and all applications so that you can actually see if a device is doing it at any given time.
  • Filter Network Traffic - Application, you can block applications, maintain call home access, and activate network traffic selective for each address on the Internet; (Settings, 7 nuggets of tiles are available from the Android group) Tile / Disable Enable setting with filter status
  • Notes New App - New application information allows for an application that allows you to directly block
  • Network Speed ​​Graph Notification - If a status bar message is displayed, you can display the current network speed as a graph (the top three apps for Android 5 Lollipops or earlier)
  • Appearance (per color) - Enables selection of five additional application themes in all available light and dark versions
  • Support development - Support continues, new version of Android, current features enhancements, new features bugs, and NetGuard friendly add-ons

User Reviews

  1. Really good app. I personally don't want to block help apps that use it for the privacy aspect of connecting to the internet, but it's very mobile data. After years of use version free, I finally jumped on the pro version. The free version will be enough for most users, but going to the Pro version with good work consideration will get a reward. I also really appreciate the fact that it is open source and regularly updated. That's not quite fair, I was like having to use an external VPN on location while the advanced features enable traffic filtering and still better battery consumption. The author on this rather obvious answer so there I was still 5 stars.
  2. This app is great! What is it claimed? Now I don't have to worry about my 5GBs of data chewing with applications running in the background and using my data! Wireless ADS scheme appears when applications ads are not blocked by internet access via mobile data! NetGuard block internet access and virtual adblocker too! I will be sure to donate to the NetGuard site and them.
  3. Hello, I continue to update NetGuard load after a point update, I have a check this position. There was no problem before. Now I am active all the time on the internet all by myself! But I make all the efforts to improve the Internet in different settings, to put it off. 

What is new:

Minor fixes and minor bug fixes

- Translation update

- Modification Information:

- Pro functions enabled.

- The app contains no ads 

What's New

  • Fixed reloading in some situations
  • Fixed handling of suspended networks
  • Updated translations