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Geometry Dash SubZero Apk

49 MB
1.00 for Android
Updated On:
Jan 16, 2018

Geometry Dash SubZero is the on the hard-core platform, which has incredibly dynamic gameplay, many levels, and honors other bonuses below Android. Because before that, you'll find the best pixel graphics, funny characters around the edges, and winter-long adventure. All. The characters and obstacles are presented as geometric shapes that the player is getting to go to the bonus prizes.

Your subject's acid cube can be carried at a certain speed. Work from the top of the barrier as the trampolines go on platforms and casting forms. In this case, the user should calculate the time carefully jump, otherwise, the element will die, and the level remains. Perhaps over time you will be able to get to the game mechanics guru and for the incredibly first time, you will not get through the place, but be able to ask.

The task of the game is simple: you need to fill as many points as possible for the next stage. Points are also given in-game currency here, which is played on different devices, and they are, in turn, more varied processes. For example, you can change the appearance of your cube to change the color, and so on. In addition, the game features several dynamic modes that can be exchanged.

Geometry Dash SubZero is back with a new adventure! Sport, hold tight, and prepare for the real challenge! It won't be easy ...

Game Features

  • Rhythm action platformer!
  • Three unique levels with MDK, Boss Fight and Kitty Boom catchy music!
  • Symbols to make your character unique unlocked Subzero!
  • Use your skills to sharpen practice positions!
  • Challenge yourself with the almost impossible!
  • A touch navigation;
  • Multiple play modes;
  • Character customization and other changes;
  • Pleasant rhythmic background music;
  • Three sites;
  • Balance sheet and set bonus.

Even if it was bold exciting, exactly because of the game, made by a person of the feature, "I have to meet you with the daring challenge." It seems to you a lively adventure moment; To solve the case, all survive or pass on a bad guy. Otherwise, this series of free game apps will allow you to customize your own character. In addition, before the game knows, the real adventure "special" mode "begins" to sharpen their skills.

Unfortunately, pop ads, as you play. They are very excited. These ads are actually played across your concentration. But the thing is still that you can put it back with the ads, so you want to play the dash down to zero for new levels of Android in geometry. Here are some pros and cons of the game.

How To Play

Hope you find a simple challenge in this free game app. It still offers a higher challenge, even if it's free. You can easily tap on the screen to jump character barriers. If you were, it should be safe to beat a loud landing on a specific platform.

In addition, it is more of a challenge, you have to define your time with an important situation. On the other hand, to make a quick reflection of the idea tends to get even because the game needs a progressive movement. However, in this practice, you can practice 'game mode' first. 

What's New

  • Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure!