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Apr 16, 2020

King of Thieves Review

Back to feel the flow of the game. In the game, you know that stealing is fun and interesting! Of course, this is only in the virtual world. You can use the rich thieves to steal gold from other players. Of course, the amount of gold, you'll be a happy man!

High amounts of gold, not sure if you need to build a strong defense to protect the gold. Yes, there is protection in the basement, place traps and other ideas are under pressure to build to block players are stealing their gold. The trap and see if they will be able to be caught in their nets!

Once you have the ability to have a great defense and fight, you can fight to participate with the community and amphitheater. Combat attitude and your ability to trial. If you win the battle with other players, you are definitely more bonuses you have to buy your collection full of good things.

Competition between the players appears in the game. Here you will be able to claim the throne. To get this, you have to dive implemented to improve the skills and compete with players around the world. The best players in the world update their crown!

Key Features:

Steal valuables. Players collect gold and other gems to be the world's richest thieves.

His victim protection. Other thieves have developed their coffers storage cellar is always safer to stop and loot. He did not glance in their nets. Nuh!

Chair claimed. Two to promote their skills and leave your rivals in the rankings for conflicts with other participants around the world.

Create and join cooperative. Thieves find a few trusted friends and create your clan. Win the epic War of society!

Customize your organization. Choose a nice outfit that fits your personality. Gives the crowd.

Travel and explore. Test your agility 112 single-mode level or in an underground world of User Generated Content through the dive.

How to play

If you play the game, it has become the world's richest thieves. Okay, well-aimed windmills, you want to know to play a few tips. The peaks were aware of the gem mines. If you want to be a known thief in the world, you have to find a gem. You can tailor your home to find a pearl in the war.

A strategy game for the game you have to do in any case a good strategy. In this case, it is important to create a larger master plan to steal gold. Please learn how your goal. Detailed information to try to get to them. However, the best strategy is to find stolen, you will be safe in their effect. However, do not forget to think about building a defense.


  • Instead skins Dungeons
  • Now you can create a skin for your basement can choose at any time you want! If you move to a new collar with your skin. Top-level events or unlock new skin will buy from them.

What's New

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