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71.6 MB
3.7.4 for Android
Updated On:
Feb 24, 2020

Mega Secure Cloud Storage is a service that gives you up to 50 GB of free storage. Unlike other cloud storage providers, your data and your client's devices are always encrypted by just us.

Invite NAME to your smartphone or tablet to save, download, stream view, share view, change your files from the device, or remove it anytime you like. View your contacts in shared folders and their updates in real-time.

Mega apk help applications have unlimited disk space usage, yes, it helps to have all the data for this image, video or online document storage because of your business mega apk Android as long as possible.

Mega has been a high rating point, which suggests that users may find it interesting to use it over the phone. In addition, it offers some unique properties to enjoy. Mega Help A good user interface for those who like to install. These look beautiful and look great as well as the surface red color. On the other hand, the developers have the tools and menu adjustment, it will be easy for them to use the app.

With Mega, users will be free to save all their data. You can load mega account and then store, find information, download, stream or other. Every order can easily be made just by this powerful app! Well, the Mega Benefit Offer needs to take your data into that new store as well.

Mega APK functions

  • A program that does not require authenticity and sweet space.
  • About 50 GB allowance for storage.
  • Various bonus and salary-profit user register premium availability.
  • Options for exchanges, holiday getaways, their free use stream internet, video, etc. and delete all pictures almost every time.
  • You can use decryption and encryption that all data is stored in memory.
  • No password except interference or data is available to the user that cannot be maintained by anyone except you.


  • The app is easy for beginners
  • The space is free and permanent
  • Maintain access to files stored on
  • Can still serve as the default browser, even if memory


  • able for Android 3.0 and higher only
  • Save the files processor can be overwhelming

Collect is me

So now you know about the mega apk should also be aware of the advanced features or the mega deals, so for some reason, this option should not be considered. Mega apk helps you be about securing their privacy and authenticity. Along with the availability of storage space, it also prohibits data leakage.

The advanced features are mentioned below and it should be very clear now that the free download apk by nothing more than online storage developers and less than a wonderful technology intervention mega assist, it just couldn't be better. That way you can ask for fun on a huge private and secure cloud storage, without the need for extra space for your Android device or tablet.

You can also be true that you can't just store all the cuts back in the drive now when it comes to be sure of all the more image videos and documents. So now there are concerns if you have any way of downloading the application requirements or if this mega latest version will tell us how to APK.

You can share and comment like our posts are and if you contact us and we always provide the necessary information here we will win. They also know that if we do not know, some have been made, and we would like to improve.

Application permissions:

  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -> Mega files downloaded from your device to Mega for your device and uploads files
  • Camera - Upload> Image taken from your pictures and mega
  • READ_CONTACTS -> Only contacts add mega contact as your device
  • RECORD_AUDIO and CAPTURE_VIDEO_OUTPUT (microphone and camera) -> Provide mega end-to-end encrypted audio / video calls 

What's new

  • Improves compatibility with Android 9.0
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Good sound quality message.
  • Many improvements to the user interface.

What's New

  • Account verification using SMS.
  • Invite contacts from your phone address book.
  • New option to include location tags for Camera Uploads.
  • Support for new file and folder link format.
  • Fix several bugs.
  • Several UI improvements.